Blue Apron - Why I Love It and How YOU Can Get 3 Free Meals

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Blue Apron - It's So Good and Now You Can Get 3 FREE Meals!blue-apron-experience-spicy-hoisin-chicken-and-broccoli-plus-a-code-for-3-free-meals-at-www-cupcakesandcrinoline-com

I really enjoy cooking, baking {and eating} but some days I just don't have the time {for the cooking and baking...I always make time for the eating}.  Before you know it it's time to start dinner prep and I still haven't made it to the market so that means fast food, eating out or listening to my family whine while I assure them that scrambled eggs and toast are the perfect dinner.  Some days you want to stay in and you also want to eat something awesome without having to make a trip out to the store and that's why I love Blue Apron.

Get 3 (THREE) Free Meals using my special link:  Cupcakes and Crinoline

Last week I received my first delivery.

Blue Apron DeliveryWhen I opened the box I was thrilled and thought, "now this is a great idea!", I think I squealed a little, too.  There were meal cards for each and every meal plus all of the ingredients I needed.  So many times, more than I care to think, I either don't make a recipe because I would need to buy an expensive ingredient that in all likelihood I would only use once or I can't find the ingredients I need without having to go from store, to store, to store.  blue-apron-deliveryNot the case with Blue Apron. They include everything you need in the perfect amount.  No more cleaning out my pantry and throwing away ingredients I only used once.  I hate waste!blue-apron-spicy-hoisin-chicken-and-broccoli-www-cupcakesandcrinoline-com

The first meal I made was this Spicy Hoisin Chicken and Broccoli.

It was so good! Ideally, this would be a meal for two but I shared this with my whole family (5 of us) because the kids were staring at me and kept saying that "something smells so good" while I was cooking it....Mom guilt....sometimes it works.  Just an FYI - there are plans available for 2 people and another plan available for families.  That should probably be my next move...sometimes all of those eyes looking at me while I eat can get annoying 😉

Tomorrow I'll be trying Spiced Beef Skewers with Roasted Squash & Garlic Rice (OH MY HEAVENS) and the next day, Smoked Mozzarella & Cabbage Pizza with Romaine & Apple Salad....yep...sounds amazing doesn't it?!  I'm honestly looking forward to trying the other two meals that came in my first delivery and if this all sounds good to you, give it a try and be sure to use this link to get 3 FREE Meals!

Get 3 (THREE) Free Meals using my special link:  Cupcakes and Crinoline


Take a look and try not to drool! The meals taste and look amazing and the beauty of it all....YOU can make it yourself without leaving the house!


If you have any questions or a favorite Blue Apron Meal I would LOVE to hear about it!

hugs, mb new logo March 2016




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