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Burlap, Lace and Ivy Sack with Vintage Key

Burlap, Ivy and Lace Sack with Twine and Vintage Key

This post first appeared as a guest post at Yellow Bliss Road as part of the Hello Holidays event!

Christmas Craft:: Burlap, Lacy and Ivy Sack with a Vintage Memory Key

If you have some burlap, lace and ivy {plus a few other supplies} you can make this cute little sack.  I originally saw something similar on pinterest and tried to copy it as best I could ~ my results are a little different but I still like it!

Burlap, Ivy and Lace Sack with Twine and Key

 You may already have most of the supplies you need on hand ~ I used scraps and pieces left from other projects but in case you don't a list is below.

Burlap Berry Sack supplies


Piece of pre-washed burlap 4 inches by 12 inches

Lace scrap



Key charm or Vintage Key {after I initially made this I found an old key and added it to the bag as well}

Artificial holly berries


Burlap Berry Sack burlap cut1.  Start with a piece of burlap 4 inches wide by 12 inches long (when folded in half lengthwise this piece is 6 inches long).

Burlap Berry Sack stitched2.  Sew a ¼ inch seam allowance on each side of the burlap.  Next, sew the lace to the WRONG side of the top.  Turn right side out and pull the lace down like a cuff.

Burlap Berry Sack with Key from cupcakesandcrinoline.com3.  Stuff with fiberfill, add artificial berries and tie with twine adding your charm before making your final bow.

 Burlap, Ivy and Lace Sack with Twine and Vintage Key

I've been moving my little burlap sack around the house and haven't quite found it a permanent Christmas home yet.  Where would you place it?


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