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Christmas Is

Christmas Nativity scene

Hello friends and a big nice to meet you if you're here visiting from House of Hawthornes.  Today's post is being sponsored by Balsam Hill as part of their Countdown to Christmas Series & Giveaway (be sure to enter to the giveaway below).  I am joined by 23 other bloggers who will each be sharing, from December 1st through Christmas Eve, what Christmas is to them.

Today, I want to share with you some of what Christmas is to me.  

Christmas is my favorite time of the year.  There is something different...something that surrounds you fully and totally in a way that can compare to no other time, a warmth and a true sense of something more.   

Christmas is not just a day but a time capsule filled with love, joy, and memories of times past and the opportunity to create memories for the future.

Christmas is most importantly for me as a Christian the day my family and I celebrate the birth of our Savior.  My parents instilled that hope in me from birth on, setting priorities and celebrating the true meaning of Christmas.  

I have three sons and my husband and I have encouraged them to look at this time of the year, this season, as more than just gifts, food and parties.  We make memories with them and I share my memories of the Christmases spent with my parents.   

One of my favorite childhood memories is of a Christmas Eve when I was 7-years-old.  My brother and sister had moved out so it was just me and my parents.  We went to midnight Mass then to Denny's for breakfast.  We got home around 4 or 5 in the morning and I was able to open one gift - it was just us and it was awesome.  I don't remember what the gift was but I remember that late night and early morning...the feeling of being surrounded in love...it was magical.  

Musical Advent Calendar 2015

When I was little we didn't do Advent calendars but the first time I saw one I was a single mother with two sons and saw a decorated cardboard box with little doors filled with candies at a local grocery store.  Oh, my, heavens - I bought two, hung them with thumbtacks to the dining room wall and looked forward to each morning when the boys would get up and run to get their candy for the day...yes, I let them have candy before breakfast! 😉 

Advent Calendar

This year, though, we have a new tradition, a beautiful Advent Calendar from Balsam Hill that's musical. My youngest son is enjoying opening the calendar every day, seeing what's tucked inside, and listening to the Christmas Carols that play when a door is opened.  My middle son muscled his way in to get the candy from today's door but I think ahead and always put some extra in there.  We are making new memories....and that is a blessing! 

So, after my very long story, I hope you'll enter the awesome giveaway from Balsam Hill and visit Tammy at One More Time Events tomorrow to read her post about what Christmas is to her and her family.

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So now, I would love to know what Christmas is to you and your family.Signature Honey Script 09 29 2015

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