Clotheslines make me think of a time and place where people connected and things were somewhat simpler…….

clothesline and clothespins
A few weeks ago I started to notice a buzz ~the buzz surrounded a beautiful app that supported so many of the same sentiments as I embrace ~ connection, creation and inspiration ~ most of the reasons I started this blog.  

bHome App

My hope was always to connect with my readers…like conversations across a clothesline…..with friends and neighbors and to inspire and to be inspired and that’s why I am so excited to announce that you can now find my blog (and me!) on the bHome app.  It’s absolutely free and it’s a beautiful new community.  The app was created by Kelly, from My Soulful Home, and her husband Peter.  

Cupcakes and Crinoline on bHome What makes this app so special is that it is so unique ~ I haven’t come across anything similar.  From the bHome app you can follow me and some of your other favorite bloggers, magazines and brands all in one place.  No need to hop from site to site ~ it’s all right in the app.  You are in control of who you follow.  You create a feed customized by you simply by tapping the star on sites you want to follow and these are added to your list of favorites.  Every time you log in tap on your profile and everything is right there.  Watercolor Cow free printable download for joining bHome from cupcakesandcrinoline.comYou are notified when the sites you have favorited have a new post.  You’ll also see what your favorites are sharing on instagram, pinterest and twitter and you can chat (conversations across the clothesline ~my favorite part) and ask questions all in real time.  You can download the app right here and when you do, if you favorite (tap the star) Cupcakes and Crinoline you’ll get a link to this Farm Vintage Watercolor Cow print (for free as well ~ the download will NOT have the watermark so no worries there!).   You’ll receive a message right on your phone with a link to the watercolor print above.  You can then download the link to your phone and email it to yourself so you can print at your leisure or if you have a printer connected via wifi or bluetooth you can print right from your phone.  It’s my way of saying thank you for being a part of the bHome community.  

The app is only available for Apple products right now but it will soon be available for android as well and you can sign up here to receive notification when it’s android compatible.  

If you have any questions, or would like more information on the app, please send your inquiries to