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Have you ever shopped at Consumer Crafts online?  If you haven’t you really are missing out on a wonderful craft shopping site where you can not only purchase a plethora {♥ that word} of crafting items but their $prices$ are a great way to save money on some of your old time favorites and some NEW and exciting products.

For the purpose of this shopping experience I selected items from their Craft Basics Section ~ there were 100’s of products to choose from ~ check out these category choices and each category has a whole slew of products contained therein.

I checked out every category and found something to purchase from each one!  The site is so easy to navigate.  I have a habit of putting things in my cart when I shop at brick and mortar stores and then going back through the store putting items back and found myself doing the same thing at Consumer Crafts online ~ but I didn’t even break a sweat.  I could easily add, remove and change quantities with the click of my mouse.

Here are just a few of the items that caught my eye.

They have burlap including these cute little banners.

A wood burning and soldering tool like this one.

A rhinestone setter ~ be still my blingy little !

Inka Gold paint ~ you can apply this and then buff for a brighter finish ~ so cool!

And they have so much more!

This was what my final order looked like ~ I love the picture and price easily visible for each item in my cart.

I found so many great items ~ delivery was fast and every item arrived in perfect condition.

And this is what I bought!  I can’t wait to share the projects I’ll be making with these awesome items all ordered from the comfort of my home and delivered speedily.  Thanks Consumer Crafts!!!

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