That title is a mouthful, isn’t it? Going back to school is a time of transition for families but it’s also a time of excitement for kids as they get ready to learn new things, make new memories and spend time with friends.  Think of this post as a helpful guide to get back into the mojo {plus there’s a FREE PTPA Back to School must have Guide available for viewing and download below}.  I’ll be sharing some new and innovative products with you to help kick things in gear as well as I’m hosting an amazing giveaway where you can enter to win one of each product ~ Sphero, LyveHome and Rich Product’s Our Specialty Nut-Free Frosted Cookies.

#PTPABTS LyveHome, Rich's Nut-Free Cookies and Sphero Giveaway

One of my favorite things as a blogger is making connections with YOU, my readers as well as offering product info for items I genuinely like.  The products I’ll be covering in today’s post truly excite me and I am thrilled to offer this giveaway so one lucky winner will get to experience these products first hand as well.

Create Excitement While Learning with Sphero

Sphero #PTPABTS #GiveawayCreating excitement can be challenging but as a homeschooler I can tell you that I have found when I do that….create excitement in my kids and connect that with a learning process….the kids respond so much better, learn much quicker and create a good memory while doing it and in my opinion the information stays with them at a much deeper level.

Think SPRK ~ School ◊ Parents ◊ Robotics ◊ Kids

Sphero one

Sphero is not only a toy but an amazingly intricate learning tool that is the fusion of technology and robotics.  It helps to teach programming while sharpening skills in math and science.  The Go Sphero Website offers FREE downloadables.  Math and science don’t come easily to many children but with the Sphero it is much easier to encourage learning in those areas which is a win-win situation.

There are over 25 free apps available that cover a wide range of fun activities.  Control Sphero from your smartphone or tablet, change colors, complete challenges, earn tricks, and more. Sphero is waterproof, pet-proof, and ready to roll.  See SPRK lessons in action on twitter ~ I went through the stream and can’t wait to try some of the things I saw during our school time this year.

Make Memories Easily Accessible 

Have you ever heard of Lyve Home?  This product tugs at my mother’s heart.  It is an easy to use {high five to all of us busy parents} way to have ALL of your photos and videos {yes…VIDEOS} in one place with over 2TB of storage!  Setup was easy and in minutes I was able to access so many pictures and videos of my boys…I spent quite a bit of time just sitting on the couch and going down memory lane.  I like the idea of having my precious memories available to view without having to go through folder after folder on my desktop and when out and about I can easily pull up a picture to share with family or friends.

LyveHome #PTPABTS #Giveaway

More Lyve Home Pluses ~ it’s unobtrusive {no more stacks and stacks of photo albums or pictures ‘stuck’ on my computer}.  All you need to do is download the app for your PC {or Mac} and all of your other devices.  Your photos and videos are automatically made accessible across all of your Lyve-enabled devices. They’re also copied to your LyveHome as they’re captured, ensuring they’re protected.  You can keep your kids first day of school pics all in one place and see how they’ve grown with the swipe of your finger.  *sigh* They just keep growing!

Sweeten the Day the Nut-Free Way

Rich's Nut-Free #PTPABTS4

Are you ready for a fun, delicious and allergy-free way to sweeten the day?  All three of my sons have food allergies.  Reading labels is a big part of my food shopping experience.  My oldest son is allergic to nuts and while I of course watch what I serve him when he’s out and about living life he reads labels or asks questions on his own about whether or not food items have nuts {I am so thankful he’s responsible like that}.  Since he and my other sons have these limitations I always try to be diligent about what I serve to them and others.


Rich’s “Our Specialty” Nut-Free Cookies  to the rescue! Rich’s Cookies are available in many varieties, including Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin, Snickerdoodle, Fudge Brownie and their signature Frosted Sugar cookies. Varieties coming soon include Red Velvet and Chocolate Frosted Cookies.

We had the opportunity to try these cookies and let me tell you, they are DEEEE-LICIOUS! Moist, smooth, tasty and fabulous.

The above products are on my A List ~ down load the FREE PTPA Back to School must have Guide for more helpful and innovative ways to get into the Back to School groove easily and enter the giveaway below!

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