Fashion Trends Fall 2014 From Classic to Casual ~ Frame Your Style

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My mother had wonderful taste in everything including clothing.  She was always impeccably dressed.  I remember when she got glasses....it depressed her a bit.  She did not want to wear them.  She was afraid it would take away from her outfits and the impact her style made.  I know this because the woman went so far as to get one contact lens....she only had one eye that needed adjustment so she got one lens.  Now that's a woman who really valued style!   

I remember when I got glasses in grade school.....I wasn't afraid of their impact on my style but I was afraid of looking nerdy.  Clothes weren't that big of a deal to me then.  Fast forward years later and now I don't wear my glasses unless I absolutely need to.  Keep in mind that my glasses are 7 ½ years old at this point so they aren't exactly the latest in fashion.  I would love to get new glasses but they can be PRICEY because I don't have vision care insurance.  I always thought it was something that was just out of my reach financially....until now!  Thanks to VSP Direct I can have my cake and eat it too.  I can have affordable eye insurance AND get the latest in designer glasses at a price I can definitely fit into the budget.  Not only can I get an eye exam, lenses and frames but I can coordinate them to go with the latest fall fashions.  

 Fashion Trends Fall 2014 Tartan Plaid in Red & Black ~ Frame Your Style #VSPStyle AD

Classic clothing is just that....classic.  It never goes out of style.  The boots, the tartan plaid, the jacket...that blouse....it's all gorgeous and I can complete the look without taking away from it with bebe eyeglass frames in black with a small bit of silver detail on the sides.   This is one of my FAVORITE looks ever and those frames are among those that VSP Direct offers.  

Fashion Trends Fall 2014 City Casual Frame Your Style #VSPStyle #ad

 This City Casual look is fun but trendy and just to turn things up a notch I added a pair of bebe glasses with tortoise outer frames and mint interior! They look like so much fun and will be easy to coordinate with so many fall looks.  

Do you need a vision care plan?  If you do then VSP Direct is something you should check out.  They are the nation's ONLY not-for-profit vision care company and they are available in EVERY state with over 30,000 providers.  VSP Direct coverage includes coverage of your eye exam with a low co-payment and they provide an allowance for glasses or contacts and fully covered lens options.  I went to their site, typed in my zip code and was amazed at how many locations there are where I can get my eye exam and new designer glasses {I am going all the way this time and getting some totally awesome frames....no more Mrs. bland!}.  Insurance plans can be purchased for as little as $17.00 a month....less than a trip to the movies {with popcorn and a drink}.  That's not only a bargain but it's a smart investment.  Even if you have insurance but you have a loved one who doesn't this would be a wonderful gift to give them.  I know I can't wait to see clearly again.  I'm getting a plan for me! 

If you would like to enter to win a year's worth of VSP Direct Insurance and a bebe outfit enter their  Facebook Pin It Promotion by repinning your favorite outfit from their landing page ~ easy peasy! 


So now I have a question for you ~ do you need new glasses, something fashionable or classic?  As much as I hate to admit it my vision isn't what it used to be and I am really looking forward to my new glasses and am thrilled to have VSP Direct

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf VSP Direct.

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  1. Debi @ Adorned From Above says:

    I love all of the did in the 2ND box. The purse, frames, and lipstick are great. I live in jeans in the winter, leggings too.

  2. Rachel @{i love} my disorganized life says:

    I am so ready for fall fashion weather! Love these looks!