I love blog tours ~ meeting new people and getting a glimpse into their creative world ~ that’s what started me blogging.

The last few days there has been a blogger’s conference going on called Haven.  I have never been to a blogger’s conference (I went to a one for the medical profession a few years ago ~ I was ready to pass out from the boredom) but Haven is a fun one (I’ve seen pictures….you meet, greet, mingle with other bloggers and large DIY companies and you get swag….awesome swag) and I wanted to be there this year….and last year….but here I am at home {next year, though…look out Haven…I’ll get my roots done and I’ll be there with bells on….or at least some semi-blingy jewelry }.  I, along with a few other bloggers…23 others to be precise…were feeling a bit out of the loop about not getting to go so we got together and are doing a 5-day blog tour.  You’ll get to check out some blogs you may have never seen before and virtually mingle along with us.  It all starts tomorrow and here is the schedule below.  I’ll be sharing each link as it progresses on my FB page and would love to have you, my dear friends, make some new friends.  I hope you’ll join us!

Here’s the schedule:

Monday, Aug. 5:
Tuesday, Aug. 6:
Cupcakes and Crinoline {that’s me!}
Wednesday, Aug. 7:
2 Little Superheroes
Glitter Glue and Paint
Thursday, Aug. 8:
Friday, Aug. 9:
This is a great opportunity to see some inspiring projects, browse new blogs and make some new blog friends. It’s almost like being a part of the Haven Conference.  Plus, it’s FREE $$$$$!
Start here on Monday with the first links and keep following all week.  On Monday, August 12th, we’ll post a round-up of all the great projects for you to see on one page.
I’m looking forward to a fun week of touring blogs!