I have been overrun lately with pesky fruit flies.  I have been buying fresh fruit like I usually do but the last few weeks have been absolutely ridiculous with fruit flies.  They seem to be everywhere and obviously they’re vain….I find them on my mirrors….ewwww and yuck!

In an effort to not use chemicals I came across this recipe for getting rid of fruit flies….and….it works! 

You’ll need Apple Cider Vinegar and some dishwashing detergent.  I succumbed to the Dawn rage and bought some at Sam’s Club a few weeks ago so that’s what I used.  

Add approximately 3/4 of an inch of apple cider vinegar to a container.  I used one that I could throw away when I was done with it.  The container itself is not very large.  

Squirt in some dishwashing liquid and stir it up!

Within seconds of putting the concoction down on my countertop there were already 3 fruit flies ready to take the plunge.

 Within 24 hours I had amassed quite a collection of no-longer-pesky fruit flies.  

 If you try this I would like to know your results or if you have another way to get rid of fruit flies I would love to hear what you do.  

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