Homeschool Science Project ~ Ages 4+

My youngest is ready for school to start...I would prefer to wait but since he is excited I don't want him to lose that eagerness to learn.  Science projects/experiments are such a great 'hands on' way to keep kids wanting more.  I purchased this kit, Scientific Explorer ~ Mind Blowing Science ™, at a local craft store.  The items in the kit are pretty much standard home items but it's all in one place, which saves me time hunting and gathering, and the instructions are well put together.  They recommend going through the experiments in the order they are arranged "to present concepts sequentially", so that is the way we will do it!

This first activity plants the seeds for an interest in chemistry with an introduction to acids {citric acid}, bases {baking soda}, and chemical reactions.

We placed 2 parts citric acid and 2 parts baking soda into a cup mixing the powders together.  Next we added water to the cup {filling only halfway} and we watched the water dance!

The concept of this activity teaches the basics of water neutralizing the acid and the base and the release of a gas, in this case carbon dioxide, when this occurs.  This opened the discussion of humans exhaling carbon dioxide and plants using that to produce little experiment led to much interest, discussion and learning.

This was an easy, fun and Mind Blowing experiment.  We look forward to more.  : )

homeschool hugs, mb


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