If You Love to Sew Prepare to Have Your Socks Knocked Off with the New Cricut Maker

The new Cricut Maker is a sewer's dream! Cricut offers hundreds of patterns and the new Cricut Maker will MARK and CUT your fabric for you.

Cricut Maker Machine

What Can It Do?

If you love to sew (and craft!) the NEW Cricut Maker should be on your wishlist of products to buy.  I don't own one, yet, but when I saw all that it could do, I was absolutely enamored especially with the ease it adds to sewing projects.

I don't sew often even though it is probably my favorite hobby.  One of the reasons I put off sewing is the time involved with cutting out and marking patterns.

Cricut Maker marks and cuts out sewing patterns

I rarely have the space available to cut anything out and the time involved usually deters me as well BUT the new Cricut Maker will not only cut fabric but will mark it as well.  Simplicity Purse Pattern - fabric cut and marked using the Cricut Maker

Cricut offers a new digital sewing pattern library where you can access hundreds of patterns from brands like Simplicity® and Riley Blake®.

Cricut Maker Tools

I watched the Cricut Maker in action and saw the rotary blade and knife blade in action.  I like this so much better than me using a rotary cutter or knife blade.  I always seem to be moving along well and then all of the sudden I am pushing too hard and go past the point of no return.  Does that ever happen to you?

Cut Balsa Wood with the Cricut Maker

Cutting Balsa wood with a knife blade using the Cricut Maker

The Cricut Maker also cuts balsa wood and mat board easily by swapping out cutting tools.

Beautiful intricately cut work of art made with the Cricut Maker

You can visit the main Cricut Maker page to see a video of the machine in action! What would you make with it?

You can check out some of the projects I've made with my Cricut here and right now you get 10% off the Air or Air 2 machine (can be applied to bundles) + free shipping with code AUGUSTAIR at checkout. Offer ends August 31st.

Check out all the new Cricut Maker can do

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