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Jack O Lantern Cookies

Jack O'Lantern Cookies004

These cookies are so cute…and so easy to make.

1.  Take two chocolate chip cookies, homemade or store-bought from your favorite bakery or the bakery department of a grocery store.

2.  Make some decorator frosting.  My favorite frosting to use for this is my mom’s buttercream frosting.   Put aside a small amount of the frosting {approximately ¼ cup}. Tint the larger portion of the frosting orange.  The remaining frosting can be divided in half tinting one part green and the other black.

3.  Place one of the cookies flat side up and pipe the orange frosting to cover this as shown in the photo.

Jack O'Lantern Cookies001

4.  Next, place another cookie on top again using the picture as your guide.

5.  Pipe the black frosting making a face on your little Jack O’Lantern.

6.  Use ready-made chocolate frosting and “plunk” a drop on the top of the cookie for the stem/hat.  Alternatively, you could use a Hershey Kiss.

Jack O'Lantern Cookies002

7.  Pipe the green frosting around this to look like tendrils/leaves.

And there you have it!

hugs, mb

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  1. Erin @ Making Memories says:

    These look wonderful. Perfect cookie to frosting ratio! =o)