Kennywood - A Summer Family Tradition and The Steel Curtain

Kennywood, A Summer Tradition

I received free passes to Kennywood Park in exchange for this honest review. As always, all opinions are my own.

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If you live in or around Pittsburgh, PA, you've probably been to Kennywood Park at least once, or if you're like me, it's a family tradition.

I can remember being there with my mom and dad and going on huge family picnics with my grandparents and all of my cousins. All of the moms would pack huge coolers filled with potato salad and fried chicken, cookies, cakes, and everything that makes a kid happy. Those are wonderful memories for me.

This year it was a little more challenging to get us all together for the visit.

Two of my sons were traveling this summer and I caught the cold from heck and have been sick since July 3rd. You may be asking yourself, why does that matter? Well, we couldn't go to Kennywood in June because of the guys traveling, we couldn't go in the early part of July because of the guys traveling, and when everyone was finally back in one place, I couldn't go because I felt so awful...then, they felt awful, so when we all felt at least decent we decided we had to go to Kennywood. No more excuses. 

It just isn't summer without a trip to Kennywood and this year a day there was even more in order because the Steel Curtain is up and running! 

If you are a rollercoaster fan, you know what I'm talking about. 

Check out the Steel Curtain details above! It has a banana roll, airtime hills and a world record inverting drop! 

I, myself, did not venture on said ride. I just couldn't with all my sinus ickiness but my sons did....again, and again, and again!

The Steel Curtain is massive and the Steelers...and again, if you're from Pittsburgh you totally get the connection.

What if The Steel Curtain Isn't Your Thing?

My guys ended up doing their own thing...riding The Steel Curtain again and again and my husband and I rode some of our go-to favorites, too.

First, we rode The Thunderbolt. It's old, it's wooden, and it's awesome! It's one of my favorite roller coaster rides ever.

Then we all rode the Pirate Ship which I swear I could ride all day. The wind in my face and the whooshing noise can't be beat.

Do you know what ride this is in front of??? It's another of my favorites, Cosmic Chaos!

And, the guys rode Aero 360 more times than I can count...I sat and watched. Being upside down isn't for me!

Remember, if you haven't been to Kennywood yet this summer you still have time and you can even save money with my coupon code - it's the lowest price I've seen anywhere!

p.s. If you've never been to Kennywood for Phantom Fright Nights I shared a post about it here.

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