The title of this post sounds like I am so full of myself…..doesn’t it?  I’m not though ; O The reason this post has this title is because my youngest son loves art and he’s pretty darn good at it {okay….I’m his mom but I do think he has talent!}  Last year when he was 4 years old we signed him up for an art class at the local Center for the Arts….the course he took was called Raising Monet.  After the students were shown pictures of paintings by Monet, instructed on techniques, etc., they were given oil paints, brushes and a canvas…this was my little guy’s rendition.  I finally got around to framing it so we can hang it in his”gallery”.  The kids don’t have grandparents to brag to so unfortunately, I picked you to hear this story.

He is looking forward to attending some art classes again this fall and I am looking forward to having more art for the gallery.  I’m glad we found something that interests him and that he enjoys….now to find something for my preteen……oi vey!

wanna be artist hugs, mb