The Smart Home Has Arrived ~ Check Out the #BuzzAboutHive

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I love technology (insert wedding song from Napoleon Dynamite). I really do. It has helped me in so many ways to organize my life and it has allowed me to be a work-at-home Mom which is something that would not have been possible 20 years ago.  The rate at which technology grows and the new products that are developed in order to make our lifestyles better is something that excites me to the point of being giddy (and therefore annoying).

Hive Launching on Kickstarter #BuzzAboutHive

Some of the items in my home are outdated, i.e., pre-2010 😉 Take for instance my thermostat.  If I forget to turn it down at night I have to get up and do it is programmable but I go to bed at all sorts of odd hours so that's useless in my case.  Another example, the light in my laundry room.  I go down to do laundry, bring up the laundry basket and then can't remember if I shut the light off so back down the steps I go and ironing, don't even get me started with this one.  I have a tendency to turn my iron off and unplug it when I'm done with it but EVERY single time I iron and then leave the house I'm sure I left the iron plugged in so I have to turn around and head back home to be sure it's off (my mom made us turn around after we had left to go on vacation once for that same reason...I think I inherited the iron thing).   I sometimes think to myself, "Wouldn't it be convenient if there was ONE system, device or doo-hicky that could take care of all of this for me?".


Well, there is! A few days ago I learned about Hive  which is THE device that can do ALL of the above and so much more and right now you can back Hive on Kickstarter {check out the amazing details below about how YOU can be one of the first people to get and use this amazing device!}.

The Smart Home Has Arrived


Automation::  Hive allows you to connect and control your smart devices from a single place.  You can control your lights, electronics, appliances and locks easily ~ no more...."did I lock the front door?".  You can easily check and lock if necessary using the Hive app.

Hive app for iPhone #BuzzAboutHive

Security::  Right now I have an alarm system that I've had for almost 14 years and just today I got a postcard from the company I'm with telling me it was time to upgrade (which means more money for them and less for me).  I could avoid this with Hive.  Hive protects you while you're in your home and protects your home while your away.  You can monitor and control the security system with your mobile app.  If you forget to arm your system, no problem, arm it from the app.  Hive even works when the power goes out or the internet goes down.  You can have it up and running in less than a minute and there are NO contracts so if you move, it moves with you.


Entertainment:: When I was a kid my neighbors had an entertainment system and speakers throughout their house.  I used to love to go over there and visit.  I'd be with my friend in her room and her mom would page her and let her know that dinner was ready....that was so cool! Hive sound, though, is wireless and with it you can play music throughout your home. don't want to listen to what the kids are listening to (or vice versa)? No can set it up so that the whole house is synced or just certain areas play the same music.  It is TOTALLY adaptable to YOU.  Hive also has built in 2-way voice controls so that if you do forget to turn down your thermostat and you're already all tucked in bed all you have to do is say, "home, turn the heater to 68".  This would be a life changer for me!


Design:  Hive can blend in or stand out.  It's customizable to suit your style and fit in perfectly with your home.


Community::  Hive is a community run company.  Customers enjoy profit sharing, no contracts, and no monthly minimum purchases and their voices are heard and appreciated.

I know I've shared a lot with you but this is a product I am truly excited about.  You can find out more about the Hive Kickstarter Project and hopefully you'll be so inspired you'll be part of their Kickstart.  By supporting and pledging you'll be among the first people to receive a Hive of your own ~ you'll be like a Queen Bee (I had to make a Hive analogy!).  Years from now you can tell everyone how smart you were.

Hive is offering two extremely generous rewards during the Kickstarter campaign that you don't want to miss:

1. Kickstarter referrals: You earn $5 for everyone you refer that backs us on Kickstarter!
Oh, and you will also earn $4 as they go and tell their friends and then $3 on their
friend’s friends…and so on. It goes $5, $4, $3, $2, then $1. (Each must back at a
minimum $50 level to qualify)

2. Profit share on organic backers: There are many people who will find Hive
Kickstarter that can't be tracked to anyone’s referral (organic backers). Hive allows you to
share in the profit on all of the organic backers that they get on Kickstarter. To be eligible
you must back them within the first 5 days and refer 5 others that also back them during the
45 day campaign. (Each must back at a minimum $200 level to qualify)

If you want to know more about this innovative Smart Home product visit the Hive Website.

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So what would you like to use Hive for in your home?

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  1. Amy Anderson says:

    This is super cool! I love the fact that you can play music throughout your home!

    1. Mary Beth says:

      I agree, Amy. You could have your favorite music playing throughout your house or just in certain areas ~ sometimes I like music the rest of the family ~ who obviously have no taste 😉 ~ don't like.