This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Dollar General for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I don't know about you but I have just about had it with this winter.  It has been way too long and cold and I can't wait to get outside and start enjoying the SUN again.

I've been preparing for the warm days ahead by attempting to streamline and minimize the time it takes me to do some of my cleaning in the kitchen and bathroom which seem to take me the longest to truly deep clean.

While I love my homemade cleaning items sometimes I turn to store bought cleaning products.  I usually spend what I consider far too much on the basics but last Saturday I was pleasantly surprised to spend less than $23.00 on EVERYTHING you see above at Dollar General. (The original cost would have been almost $28.00 which is still a bargain but there was also a $5.00 off $25.00 purchase coupon online that I was able to use for the additional savings) 

The real test came for me when I started cleaning.  I mean, saving money is one thing but if a product doesn't do what you expect then it just isn't worth it, but these products performed just as well as the name brand items I've bought in the past.  

{Please note that all products are DG home brand}

I started first with my kitchen.  I like to clean my kitchen sink out every few days with a disinfectant and for this task I used Cleaner with Bleach Original in a spray bottle.  I sprayed down my sink, waited the recommended 1 minute and then used a paper towel to wipe it off.  

I usually use old cut up flannel sheets for this ~ they are great to clean with and can be washed and reused 100's of times ~ but for this I wanted to be sure you could see the *gasp* dirt so I used the white paper towel.

Next, I was ready to do some dishes {can you hear the glee with which that was typed?}.  We don't have a dishwasher so we always do our dishes by hand {of course} and I really don't like it when I have to re-do the dishes because they don't look or feel clean.  This has happened to me when I've tried the less expensive dish soap brands which leads me to always pay more for the name brand ones.  I was extremely happy with the Antibacterial Dish Liquid.  I had a sink FULL of lucious suds and my dishes were squeaky clean when I was done.  

Once my dishes were done it was time to turn my attention to the kitchen floor.  My house was built in the 1970's and the kitchen floor is the original linoleum.  It has held up amazingly well considering all my family (3 boys and dogs in the past) have put it through.  I like to wash and shine my floors ~ there's nothing like a good shine to make everything look extra clean in my opinion.  When the area near the refrigerator starts to fade I know it's time to do the floors.  {When we get ice and water from the refrigerator sometimes it drips down on the floor and lifts the wax…there goes my shine!}

I used All Purpose Lavender Cleaner to wash the floors in the kitchen (and the bathroom).  The entire area had a wonderful fresh smell, not overpowering at all, and my floors were back to clean in no time.  Once this dried I used the Mop & Shine Floor Cleaner.  It worked wonders ~ the shine was wonderful and should last at least until my boys decide they're thirsty!

With the kitchen checked off my list I headed for the bathroom.

I like to always start with cleaning the sink, then the toilet and end with the floors.  That way I don't need to worry about getting anything on the floor since it will be the last thing I do.  I used Antibacterial Foaming Disinfectant Bathroom Cleaner for the sink,

Foaming Glass Cleaner for the mirror and Disinfectant Wipes for the faucet and handles.  *I did not use any of these products on my granite ~ that gets special treatment.

For the toilet I started by adding Deoderizing Toilet Bowl Cleaner to the toilet bowl.  I waited 5 minutes and used a toilet brush to clean inside the bowl and under the rim.  

While I was waiting I used a few Disinfectant Wipes to clean the outside of the toilet, the seat and the lid.

Once the outside and inside were clean I took the lid off the tank and tossed in a Bleach plus Blue Toilet Bowl Cleaner ~ this will keep working throughout the week until I clean everything again and it doesn't need to be replaced until the blue fades. {Does anyone remember these from when you were  a kid? I used to love to flush just to see the blue.)

There you have it! I was able to clean my kitchen sink and floor, do the dishes and clean the bathroom in under 25 minutes.  Everything looked and smelled so fresh and I felt a little bit better about the cold weather ~ not really but a clean home does tend to make things a bit sunnier, don't you think?

I also bought a lot of other products to try in the future but everything I tried met my expectations and the next time I need to stock up on cleaning products I plan on heading to Dollar General ~ check out their spring cleaning ad Spring Cleaning and did you know that in addition to DG selling their home brand products they also sell name brand products and accept coupons? I didn't know that until I visited my local store last week ~ pretty awesome!