How I Stay Organized with My Windows Phone

For me, streamlining is my word of the year.  It's my new mantra because Streamlining equals Saving Time and that's why I am so diggin' my Nokia Lumia Icon Windows Phone.  

How I Stay Organized with My Windows Phone

Last month my computer died and I almost went into mourning.  I do love getting new computers and techie stuff {really love in a far too geeky way} but time wise I did not want to have to learn a whole new operating system, namely Windows 8.  For some reason it sent chills down my spine but it was actually a very good thing.  I conquered my fear quickly ~ Windows 8 is extremely user friendly ~ and after getting my new computer I got my first Windows Phone ~ the Nokia Lumia Icon.  Once again, I had a learning-curve fear but the Icon mirrored my new computer.  They went together like a hand in a glove and in no time I was finding more reasons than I could count to love this phone.   

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One of my favorite points of integration between the Nokia Windows Phone and my home desktop is the the Office App.


What makes this so awesome is the fact that I can not only open Microsoft Spreadsheets, Documents and Presentations on my Nokia Lumia Icon but I can EDIT them! I work as an independent contractor and sometimes in the past when I was out and about I would get an email that there was a question concerning a document I had sent in or changes that needed to be made.  Usually the changes were just something small but nevertheless I still had to head home to make those changes.  Now...I DON'T!!! I can check the documents, answer questions and make any necessary changes on the fly.  That, my friend, is freedom and is a true time saver.  

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Another of my favorite apps is OneNote.  OneNote is a great way to keep organized using text, pictures or audio.  I am a much quicker typist on my PC than I am on my phone and any notes I make on the computer in the OneNote app are saved and synced with my smartphone.  

Now, I don't have to worry about keeping a list on my computer and updating it on my phone or even taking a list with me ~ If I have my Nokia Lumia Icon with me I have almost everything I need to keep my life in order.  

{ disclosure:  As a member of a pretty cool team of influencers I received the Nokia Lumia Icon from Verizon.  No additional compensation was provided nor did I promise positive feedback.  All opinions I share with you are, as always, my own.  #VZWBuzz}  

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