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Target Deals

Right now at Target, you can save big on Home Deals including SALE items!

Spend $50, save $10; spend $100, save $25!

If you’re spending more than $100, I would do each order of $50 and/or $100 as a separate order since I believe the $10 or $25.00 can only come off once per order. I tested this option in my cart and found that to be the case but it may work otherwise in store.


Photo strip of Aldi deals of the week

Right now Aldi has some great deals on everyday items.

The black stepstool above is the one I use almost every day. It takes up NO room since it folds flat and you can get it right now for only $4.99.

Overhead view of scrubbing brush with refillable handle

I purchased this scrubber for only $2.69 – it’s what I use to clean my bathtub and shower and blast away soap scum easily.  You can see a similar brush in action here.

Aldi version of command strips for only $2.99

I bought this Aldi version of Command Strips for only $2.99. I haven’t tried them yet but it’s worth a try and, if they don’t work, Aldi has a double your money back guarantee.

overhead view of 3 pack of twine balls from Aldo

For only $1.99, this 3-pack of twine is a deal and a half!