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WOOHOO! Your FREEBIE is on its way to your email!

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As a "THANK YOU", I have a special gift for you...

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The Ultimate Cleaning Planner

Turn your weekends into fun not cleaning

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There are over 13 pages. It includes sheets to help you...

  • Know what to clean weekly or monthly
  • Know what to clean in specific rooms (Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom) and the supplies you need
  • Keep organized so you don't have to spend all day Saturday cleaning


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Normally $27 

Only $7 

           ....for the next 15 minutes

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Watch this video as I show you the planner and give a few tips for the holidays

How to clean your home in just a few minutes daily

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My weekends are now about fun and family time. I love having a plan on when and what to clean. 

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Imagine with me for a minute that you only spend 5-10 minutes a few times weekly cleaning and know what you have done because you check off that chore. 

Imagine walks in the park, less stressful holidays and not being worried about someone popping in unexpectantly BECAUSE your home is clean and presentable. 

That's what the planner does for you. It won't clean for you but it will get your organized and less overwhelmed. 

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Only $7 $27

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