I received three My Paint Saint products to review.  All opinions regarding this product are my own and I liked it so much I couldn't wait to tell you about it.  If this campaign is a success there is a possibility I may benefit financially.

Have you ever seen a product and thought, “oh my goodness…that’s genius!”?  Well, I had that happen just recently.  Not only did I think it was an awesome idea but so many people I know who have had the chance to use it agree with me.

The Easiest Way to Touch Up Paint Ever ~ My Paint Saint ~ find out more at cupcakesandcrinoline.com

So what’s the product? It’s called My Paint Saint and you won’t want to be without it.  

Let me tell you my personal story.  I have 3 boys….the wild ones….they (mostly my oldest) tend to break things….my formerly shabby chic girlie home complete with crystal, fine china, floral sofas and delicate decor is now a total man cave….almost the entire house.  I realized it was better to go with the flow than to fight it.  Dents in the walls, scuffs and scratches are a part of my life now.  Not only that, but when I hang a picture or a shelf and then decide I don’t like where it is I’m left with holes in the wall.  Not too big of a problem but when I patch the holes I have to drag out the paint to give the wall a chance at looking decent again.  Sometimes I can’t find the paint…..I have an organizing dilemma right now, and, sometimes when I do find the paint the lid is rusted, there’s one usuable drop left because everything has dried up and I end up using a craft brush (does anyone else ‘lose’ brushes?) to try to make things right.  

The perfect product for touch up painting ~ no more dragging out paint cans, stirring, looking for a brush and then making a mess ~ My Paint Saint ~ find out more at cupcakesandcrinoline.com

Well, no more! Now I have My Paint Saint.

My Paint Saint is the perfect storage system for paint.  It allows you to store without a mess, oxidation or cleaning brushes (or having to go on a scavenger hunt for one).  

I have used old jars to store paint in the past but even that is a mess…I can’t fit a brush in the jar so, um…not so smart because I still have to pour it into a tray or do the old craft brush trick but not any more.  

My Paint Saint ~ The Easiest Way to Touch Up Paint Ever ~ find out more at cupcakesandcrinoline.com

MPS comes in three parts ~ the container (which you can mark the details of the paint on), a high-quality brush attached (so smart) and the rim/lid that easily screws on to the bottom of the container so you don’t lose it.  

My Paint Saint ~ The Easiest Way to Touch Up Paint Ever ~ find out more at cupcakesandcrinoline.com

I wish I had had this last year….my sons were goofing around and a KNEE went through the wall in a bedroom (HOW does that even happen???? It’s a knee not a sledgehammer!!!) and I had quite the patch job.  When I was done patching the paint from that room was no longer usable so we had to paint the entire room….yep…..over $80.00 worth of paint and new brushes, etc., all because of a ‘wrestling’ accident.  I think I need to get some sort of outdoor arena for them and forbid indoor play.  😉  

How MPS Came About

The creator/inventor of MPS is Mark Lacy.  He used to work in hotel maintenance and was looking for a better way to get his job done and that’s when the idea hit! If  you own a home, are a realtor, renter or own rental property you will truly love the convenience of My Paint Saint.  So now you probably want to know how to get your own.  MPS is available through a Kickstarter campaign and the sale officially opened yesterday to sell the product to the public.  By purchasing MPS through this campaign you will help to raise the funds for more My Paint Saints to be produced.  How thrilling is that? 

Now for even MORE excitement! There is a special MPS give away and offer just for you!

Give Away

We are giving a My Paint Saint to seven (7) lucky readers.  All you need to do is click here to enter and type in your email so you can be contacted if you win.  

One winner a day from 7/1 to 7/7 will be contacted ~ yay!

A My Paint Saint is also being given away on the bHome app.  So stop on over and look for the message to enter.  

Now for the SPECIAL OFFER 

There is a special discount available if you purchase My Paint Saint from now through July 7th and return here once you have completed your order and leave me a comment letting me know.  If you do that you will receive 10% CASH BACK and delivery in October – just in time to get your house ready for the holidays.   The original price is $20.00, including shipping, but with the discount your final cost is $18.00 including shipping! You can buy these for yourself, to give as stocking stuffers and as gifts.  Wouldn’t it be great to give this as a housewarming gift or to a new neighbor?  

This is a LIMITED offer for duration and quantity of product available so if you’re interested be sure to order as soon as possible and if you do order don’t forget to come back and leave me a comment letting me know you made a purchase.  

When you receive your order your discount will be inside – I think that’s such a great way to get it back.  🙂 

My Paint Saint ~ The Easiest Way to Touch Up Paint Ever ~ find out more at cupcakesandcrinoline.com

What will you use your My Paint Saint for?