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How to Care for a Real Christmas Tree

Great! You've found the perfect what?

Use these tried and true tips and tricks to keep that real tree looking amazing throughout the Christmas season!


Once you bring your tree home cut at least an inch off the bottom of the tree.  Make it a clean cut, straight across so that your tree will sit properly in the tree stand.

Tree Stand

Make sure you get a tree stand for a real tree, not an artificial tree.  Also, make sure the stand will hold the size of tree you have.

Give the Tree Time to Relax

Once you remove the twine or netting, allow your tree to rest! The branches will fall naturally and it will fill out beautifully! 

Tree Removal Bag

This step is important to minimize the mess when taking your tree down.

Watering the Tree

For the first watering, use warm water to help break up the sap and be sure to fill your tree stand - not so that it splashes over but so that your tree has enough water.

Lighting Your Tree

Use good quality lights that give off a minimal amount of heat or NO heat.  Heat will not only dry your tree out but it can be dangerous.

Get all the Details and a Free Printable with Instructions by clicking the link below.