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DIY Feather Tree Tutorial

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Prep Time:5 mins
30 mins
Total Time:35 mins


  • Sponge Brush


  • Small artificial tree - old is better but if you can't find an old one, there are some inexpensive ones on Amazon
  • White paint - I didn't have any chalk paint on hand but if I did that's what I would have used
  • Sponge Brush
  • Container to hold the tree - I used an old garden urn that was black I painted it blue, then I painted it white
  • White planter rocks - I bought mine at the Dollar Tree but you can get them on Amazon as well
  • Reflective rocks - I bought the ones I used at Michaels with a coupon of course ;) but you could also use faux snow


  • Paint the tree  This is going to be extremely messy. 
  • I had paint speckles everywhere until I caught on and covered everything around me with old sheets and towels but literally, my hands were covered in paint and I had paint dots on my head, in my hair, and my hands were ridiculously covered in paint. If you can do this outside, that is definitely the way to go but it’s cold here, I was in my pajamas, and the garage or outside just wasn’t feasible so I instead made a mess. 
  • I do recommend using a foam brush, loading it with the paint, and then rather than brushing it across the tree limbs and needles, use a dabbing technique. This still makes a mess, but much less of one. I found it was best to lay each branch on my hand as I did them (individually) and then I could really dab and cover a lot of the needles that way. Once the tree is painted, allow it to dry and then move on to the next step.
  • I also painted the urn/container I used but if you have a vintage coffee can or something else that will work without painting it, just use that.
  • Also, I needed to secure the tree in the container and I just used some hot glue to do this. 
  • Once the tree is in the container, add some white craft rocks around the tree.
  • Top with faux snow or a reflective rock-like topping. I found what looks like broken mirror pieces at Michaels.
  • I wanted to create a look of mercury glass and that’s why I chose these but faux snow would work just as well.
  • Now, add some small ornaments to your tree and admire it. 


Author: Mary Beth