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DIY Decorative Bow Maker

DIY Wooden Bowmaker Board for making bows for wreaths, church pews, Christmas Tree Toppers, and more.
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Prep Time:5 mins
15 mins
Total Time:20 mins


  • Drill
  • ⅜ Inch Drill Bit
  • Ruler/Square



  • If your wood scrap is larger than 17 inches long cut to size.
  • Find the center lengthwise of the wood (8.5 inches) and mark a straight line down the center, top to bottom.
  • Mark 1.25 inches down from the top and up from the bottom.
  • Using your ⅜ inch drill bit start drilling at the marks you just made inward (the point you marked will be the outermost side of the drill hole).
  • Drill two holes the same depth but DO NOT go all the way through the wood.
  • Make sure your dowels fit snugly into these holes.  If they don't, you can add some wood glue to keep them in place.
  • Mark one inch increments from the center point outward for a total of 8 inches to the right and left of center.
Author: Mary Beth