Unlock the Secret to  Label-Free Jars!

Say goodbye to stubborn stickers and sticky labels! 

Save your jars to reuse for crafts and organizing and so much more but first, get those labels OFF! 

Soak Jars in Hot Soapy Water

After soaking, remove what you can and rinse....if some gunk remains...move to the next step.....

I tried three different options...

Vegetable Oil, Totally Awesome, and Goo Gone and these were the results....

For the first jar, I rubbed vegetable oil over the residue and set the it aside. 

For the second jar, I sprayed on Goo Gone and let it work it's magic! 

For the third jar, I applied Totally Awesome, set it aside, and then got to work rubbing off the labels....

And these were my results!

The Goo Gone was  the hands down  winner!  If you don't have any on hand or don't want to deal with the aroma, check out the post by clicking below for more tips including many that are 'non-chemical' solutions!


Ideas for what to do with old jars: