How To Save Money On Your Garbage Bill

Everyone wants to save a buck or two whenever possible. And while proper waste management is good for the planet, it is even more rewarding if a tweak in your usual waste handling process can save you a few more dollars at the end of the year.

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A monthly trash bill is something most people never have to worry about until they become property owners. Suddenly, there’s an extra expense for garbage collection services. Instead of surrendering to the fate of paying up to hundreds of dollars per month and accepting the bill as unavoidable, understanding your community’s waste needs and the nature of services provided by trash haulers can help cut your garbage collection charges significantly.

Saving Money on Garbage Collection

With the help of apartment and HOA owners, communities and households can save money on garbage bills in different ways:

  • Verifying the services provided

Saving on your garbage collection bill begins by understanding the services provided by the trash haulers. Typically, the haulers provide invoices comprising itemized lists of trash cans and their pick-up frequencies. Check whether the number of trash bins and pick-up frequencies on the garbage bill reflect the services your community or you are currently receiving. Verification might reveal some errors that might be costing several dollars. For instance, if you buy a house and retain the trash haulers from the previous occupier, they may continue charging services you do not use as a carry forward.

  • Purchasing only essential services

Sometimes the items on the bills are redundant, and you might not even be using all the services the trash hauler provides. You can save a lot by considering only the services you need and asking the trash hauler to update your account. Again, avoid the trap of ordering more services when you encounter issues with your garbage—for example, acquiring more trash cans might not necessarily solve the problem of messy and overflowing bins.

  • Adopting a recycling program

Besides preserving the environment, waste recycling will cost you lesser compared to handling regular trash. First, recycling bins are slightly cheaper than regular trash bins. Recycling also reduces the total amount of regular waste bins you need to dispose of your trash. To begin recycling, check the garbage company agreement or state guidelines to determine the recyclable waste. Depending on the need, you can ask your garbage collection service provider for a quote for one or more recycling bins.

  • Developing disposal plan for large items trash hauler might not pick

Trash haulers have different regulations on the type of waste they pick depending on whether it is a commercial or residential area. In most cases, trash haulers do not pick up large items such as old mattresses, furniture, or electronics at regular rates. Some charge collection per item, while others might even pick them free. Regardless, disposal of these large items requires a good plan. If you stuff them in the trash bins, you will lack space for the regular trash and create another mess. Placing furniture next to the bins might also block the waste truck from picking up the week’s regular trash, leading to additional costs as you might have to call the haulers again to collect the waste. Instead of waiting for such eventualities, call the garbage collection company beforehand and reach a deal. 

Residential Trash Removal

As more companies venture into garbage collection, the competition is getting stiffer, with a significant variation in charges. Doing research before settling on a particular company can help you save while receiving satisfactory services. A reliable and experienced trash hauler is necessary for maintaining cleaner communities and reducing garbage disposal expenses.

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