Games That Foster Social Interaction For Elderly Parents

The baby boomer generation is aging, and with that comes a whole new set of challenges for their children. One of the most difficult challenges can be finding ways to keep elderly parents engaged and active. With the help of technology, there are now several social interaction games that can help.

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Board Games

Board games for elderly parents are a great way to keep them engaged with others. Many of these games require players to interact with one another in order to win. Here are just a few of our favorites: 

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  • Scrabble: This classic game is perfect for elderly parents who love word games. It's a great way to keep their minds sharp while spending time with family or friends.
  • Monopoly: Another classic, Monopoly is perfect for those who like strategy games. It can go on for a long time, but it's worth it if you're looking for a game that will keep everyone engaged and entertained.
  • Yahtzee: This dice game is perfect for those who want something quick and easy to play. It's also great for people of all ages, so it's perfect if you have elderly parents and younger children who want to play together.

Word Games

Any word game is great for elderly parents, as it helps them to keep their minds sharp. Word games like crosswords are also a great way to get the whole family together. It is especially true if your parents are also playing against each other. You can join in the fun by checking their answers, adding a touch of amusement and involvement. With the internet, finding crossword answers becomes effortless, enhancing overall enjoyment. Any board game will work for this purpose, like Boggle or Scrabble.

Card Games

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The rules are simple, and it's much easier for older people to keep up with card games than more complicated games. These are just some of the great games you can play with your parents - or anyone else in your family, for that matter. There are so many more games out there, and they're not as complicated as they seem.

Other Activities That May Help

Going For Walks

For those who don't like using the stairs, taking a walk outside may be the best way to get physical activity. It can also be an excellent icebreaker for families needing bonding time. As a caregiver, you must ensure that your loved one is safe at all times, so make sure you have a cell phone handy when you go for walks. If it's cold outside and snowing, then make sure to wear some warm clothes - and bring a hat!

Watching Mystery Movies Together

If your loved one loves watching mysteries and crime dramas, you can watch a few together as a family. The mystery genre is an intriguing one that will keep everyone on their toes as they try to figure out who the killer is. Maybe they'll be able to learn something new, and their memory will also be tested.

Doing Puzzles Together

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Puzzles are a great way to work on your loved one's memory, as they'll need to remember how the pieces fit together. You can also create a puzzle together, which is a great bonding experience and will undoubtedly be fun for everyone.

Going on a Bike Ride Together

Exercise is great for your loved one's memory, as it promotes blood flow and oxygen delivery to the brain. A good way to encourage them to exercise is to ride a bike together. 


As our elderly parents age, it can be difficult for them to stay socially active. However, many games out there can help keep them engaged with others. These games not only provide a way for them to interact with others but can also help improve their cognitive and physical abilities. 

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