Granite Cleaner Review: What Is the Best Granite Countertop Cleaner?

With so many types of granite countertop cleaners on the market, it can be challenging to know which cleaner is the best option for your home. Each product comes with its own pros and cons, so it’s important to know which one to buy ahead of time before spending money on cleaners that don’t work for you. 

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Below, we compare some of the best countertop cleaning products, scoring each one based on five categories: value, pH, scent, ease of use, and final finish. From this, we were able to decipher which granite countertop cleaner was our favorite and that we recommend for everyday cleaning use.


C: Hey, everyone! My name is Chelsea, and today my friend Lauren and I are going to look at four different granite cleaners to see which we think cleans this countertop the best.

L: We are going to score each granite cleaner on what we like about it and what we don’t. We’ve given it five categories, so we’re going to do value, pH, scent, ease of use, and final finish.

C: We’re going to look at these four here, so this is the Weiman Disinfectant and Granite Cleaner, the Granite Gold option, the Rock Doctor Granite and Quartz Cleaner, and the Method Daily Granite Cleaner. Alright, should we start with Weiman?

L: Sure!

C: Let’s start with Weiman. We’ll move these ones out of the way. Alright, Lauren, do the honors.

C: This one’s interesting. So, it is a disinfectant. You can leave it on your countertop for up to ten minutes if you need it to do some heavy-duty cleaning for you. But, it does say not to use it on food surfaces, which is not my favorite thing since, of course, we are in the kitchen today testing it.

L: Yes, it’s a little contradictory.

C: But, we wanted to include it anyway as one of our options. Alright, Lauren, what do we think?

L: It’s a little strong-smelling. I think it’s a little streaky. I’m not a huge fan of the finish, but I think the smell for me on this one is probably a little overwhelming.

C: And then the fact that it’s not really safe to use in the kitchen so you’re going to have to probably clean over it, which is not the best option. But if you’re using it in the bathroom and need to kill some heavy bacteria, then it might be a good choice.

L: Yeah, I could see that.

C: Alright, well then we have the Granite Gold Daily Cleaner. With this one it’s a similar process—you just spray and wipe.

L: I’m trying to get a smell from it.

C: Yeah, not a strong smell.

L: It’s definitely lighter.

C: The finish is a little bit better. I think it does feel a little residue-y. There’s a little bit of a film here. I can see that it’s a little streaky.

L: It definitely smells more like a cleaner.

C: Next we have the Rock Doctor. Lauren, would you do the honors?

L: Sure!

C: It has a very nice, light scent. It’s not as cleaner-scented as the others. It’s more natural. You might want to use it if you don’t like those harsh smells.

L: I do like that that it brings out the depth of the countertop. I feel like it gives it more color, and I think part of that is because it doesn’t really leave a residue. It’s not streaky.

C: Yeah, there’s nothing left on here. Super easy to use too, and that’s one of our categories.

C: With the Method Cleaner, you’re actually supposed to spray it on the cloth first, so a little bit different methodology here. This one has a very strong smell. This one is the Apple Orchard. It’s very pungent and floral, so I’m not a huge fan. And again, not a bad finish. A little bit of streaks happening, but nothing too crazy. 

L: But, I mean, ease of use-wise, I think I would rather have something that sprays directly on the countertop. 

C: Yeah, make sure you get the exact area you’re targeting.

L: Especially because I feel like you have to spray the rag over and over again.

C: Yeah, the coverage on the rag is not a lot.

Granite Countertop Cleaner Scorecard comparing four brands: Weiman, Granite Gold, Rock Doctor, and Method. The scorecard evaluates value, pH level, scent, ease of use, and final finish, with overall scores highlighted for each brand.

C: So, we did our scorecard here. Lauren, do you want to talk about Weiman and why it got some of the scores it received?

L: Yeah! So I would say the first thing is going to be value. We actually gave this a 2. We did the math, and it’s 54 cents per ounce. 

C: Which was the highest.

L: Yes, it was the highest one. So, that got a 2. We also tested pH levels of these for acidity, and this one was the most acidic out of all of them, so we gave that a 1. Scent-wise, this was the one that was really strong, very cleaner-like, and not great. We gave it a 1.5 there. And for ease of use, we gave a 2.5 only because it’s not really food-safe and you can’t use it in the kitchen, so that makes it difficult to use as a granite cleaner.

C: And when you have to let it sit for ten minutes for it to actually do its job, that’s maybe a time suck that you don’t have when you’re cleaning your kitchen countertop.

L: But, we did give it a 5 for final finish just because we thought it did leave a nice finish on the countertop. It wasn’t too streaky and it was shiny.

C: When we look at Granite Gold, back to value, this one was 33 cents an ounce. That’s one of the lower ones, so we gave that a 4. It’s not the cheapest, but it’s in that lower range. It did have a high pH, so we had to give it a 3 to match some of the other ones that we graded in that semi-high, not super high like the Weiman, but that middle ground. The scent on this one is much lighter than the Weiman or the Method, but at the end of day it wasn’t our favorite, so we just gave it a middle ground of 3. Easy to use, can’t fault it there, so a perfect 5. But, with the finish this was probably our least favorite, so we gave it a 1.

L: Alright, let’s talk about the Rock Doctor. So, value-wise, kind of middle-of-the-ground. We’re looking at 34 cents per ounce. We had a semi-high pH on this one, so we gave it a 3 there. Scent-wise, because it wasn’t too strong, we gave that a 4. And then for ease-of-use and finish, we did 5 for both of those. We really liked the way it brought out the color in the stone and obviously it’s really easy to use.

C: Last, we have Method. This is actually the cheapest, and there’s more ounce-wise here and it is the cheapest per ounce. So, at 25 cents an ounce, this got our highest rating for cost out of five. The pH here is that semi-high level, so we gave it a 3 like the other ones. For scent, it was very strong. It’s a little floral and a little apple-y. It wasn’t the worst, but we gave it a 2 because it’s a little strong. It’s a little different to use; it’s not hard, but we don’t love the rag method, so we went ahead and gave it a 3 there. And then the final finish wasn’t our favorite either, so we gave it a 3 on that one as well.

C: So, to add up all of our totals today, Weiman came in with 12. Granite Gold got 16. Rock Doctor ended up with 21 points, and then Method is also 16 points. Overall, our favorite would be the Rock Doctor.

L: I think that about wraps it up. Hope this helps with your countertop cleaning!

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