3 Cloud Couches for Contemporary Family Rooms

In the mind of the average homeowner, contemporary style is viewed as either a softer version of modern style or a cleaner and more streamlined take on traditional style. One aspect of contemporary décor that is non-negotiable is comfort, and few furnishings inject more comfort into a home than a good sofa. The following pieces are perfect examples of couches that look trendy and feel like a dream.

Comfortable velvet sectional cloud sofa in a contemporary family room setting
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Rhodes 92" Sofa

White cloud couch with steel gray pillows in a modern living room setting

The Rhodes sofa exhibits the combination of desirability and durability that every contemporary room demands of its furnishings. This comfortable yet minimalistic cloud couch is great for relaxing while not looking too relaxed. Layers of comforting foam and feathers are sandwiched between beautiful stain-resistant upholstery and a sturdy wooden frame. The delicate and dreamy shape feels faintly vintage in a way that doesn’t look remotely outdated.

Thanks to the subtle curves that make it feel special, this is a family-friendly piece that doesn’t look like every other family’s sofa. While it’s versatile enough to fit into any contemporary home, the sofa’s distinctive look ensures it never seems generic or bland. This is the piece that will not only be used most frequently by every family member, but also draw compliments from every guest. The Rhodes is a perfect solution for real-life lounging that looks and feels a little bit magical.

Marcel Right-Facing Sectional

Sectional sofa in the style of contemporary home décor in a modern family room setting

Roomy and plush enough for family chill-out, this sofa slides into your daily routine with style. A blend of supportive foam and pampering feathers makes this expansive sectional the perfect perch for adults and kids alike. Meticulous design and manufacturing have produced a sofa that looks sharp but feels snuggly.

Easily mingling with a wide variety of styles and layouts, this piece can play the starring role in interiors that range from cool to cozy. Whether it’s the site of a Girls Night wine and cheese-fueled gossip session or a goofy family board game battle, the Marcel sectional seamlessly melds up-to-date styling with fun and functionality.

Malaga Left-Facing Sectional Sofa

Smart sectionals are a family room staple, and the Malaga embodies all the qualities that have made this true. A full-length wooden base provides the steady footing for a sofa that beckons all guests with an assurance of coziness. The Malaga’s gently neutral upholstery complements any color scheme, while its softened yet modern outline makes a classic look trendy.

Feathering the family nest lies at the heart of many contemporary interiors, and this is the couch for the job. Plump cushions and roomy proportions invite every family member to leave the pressure of work and school behind and sink into relaxation. The overall effect this sofa gives off is one of familiarity, ease and simple beauty that just works.

Charcoal grey velvet sofa in a contemporary family room

Contemporary design looks fresh and new while embodying traditional values of domesticity and comfort that will outlive today’s trends. These wildly popular sofas and sectionals fit into the current fashion for clean interiors, but more importantly, they fulfill a real modern family’s needs and wishes. It’s that bridge between age-old desires and up-to-date style that makes cloud couches truly timeless.

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