How to Use Windows in A Kitchen Remodel: 5 Creative Ways

When doing kitchen remodeling, most homeowners consider the functional elements first: the counters, table, stove, and cabinets. If you're planning to remodel your kitchen, you might prioritize installing new granite, creating a new island, and replacing outdated appliances. After all, these modifications will significantly improve the aesthetics of your kitchen, right?

You're not wrong, but you might be ignoring one of your kitchen's most important design elements: its windows. Windows are crucial for every area within your house, but the kitchen is especially significant. It's a fantastic element that brings natural light into your space and works well with any kitchen layout. 

No artificial lighting source can match the impacts of true warmth that only natural light can produce, so if your kitchen has a window, consider using it in your next remodeling project.

When considering kitchen remodeling, homeowners often prioritize functional upgrades such as granite countertops and new appliances. However, overlooking the importance of windows can detract from the overall ambiance and functionality of the space. Windows not only introduce natural light but also enhance the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen. For those in Boise, Idaho seeking to elevate their kitchen's design, exploring options for window replacement boise can ensure optimal lighting and visual appeal tailored to the local context.

We bring you some innovative window ideas you can take into account for your kitchen renovation project.

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Update your windows style

If your kitchen is equipped with pretty old-fashioned windows, it is probably time to consider a full replacement project to install modern units that match your interior and add a unique feel to your space. 

For example, installing large picture or classic hung windows will drastically affect your kitchen's ambience. 

When considering creative ways to use windows in a kitchen remodel, explore the charm and functionality of PVC shutters for your exterior.

To get inspiration for unusual designs, visit this website. Meanwhile, here are some creative ideas to upscale the look of your windows through large replacement windows include:

  • Wall of windows
wall of windows above sink and countertop in a remodeled kitchen

Adding a whole wall of windows can bring more light into your kitchen than anything else. If the arrangement of your home sets your kitchen against an exterior wall, multiple vertical windows spanning the back of your kitchen would be a great way to allow more natural light in. 

  • Tall Arched Windows

Height is an eye-catching design component. Lofty ceilings are something we all adore due to the way they make rooms appear bigger. Large windows in your kitchen make a bold statement, especially if you choose an arched type rather than the more conventional rectangular ones. The arch gives your space a unique touch while adding more light, thanks to the wide windows.

  • Transoms
Kitchen with Steel window frames and transom above glass dors

A Transom is a smaller glass element situated above a larger window. This is another approach for adding height and design dimension. It lets in more light into your kitchen area. Transoms are a distinctive trend that, depending on the design of your home, can distinguish and significantly improve your kitchen.

Frame the kitchen

Beautiful white kitchen with upscale kitchen appliances

If your kitchen has several windows, think about framing a standout element, like the range hood, with the windows. This technique can work exceptionally well in kitchens with high-end range hoods and commercial-grade cooking appliances.

When surrounded by windows, this feature can form an entire focal wall that serves as the design's anchor when that wall is highlighted with a unique surface treatment, such as black subway tile.

Usually, kitchen sinks and range hoods are commonly used features to frame with windows; however, other significant elements that might be highlighted include a butcher-block baking center, a wine rack, or an eating nook.

Consider steel windows

back of brick house with beautiful windows framed in steel

Windows framed with steel or aluminum frames that resemble steel are fashionable in any space and look especially attractive in the kitchen. Steel windows can also be combined with classic cabinets, which is an excellent choice if you like modern style.

Due to its spectacular aesthetic effect, the steel window style will enhance your kitchen's appearance regardless of its design and complement your place.

If installing new steel-framed windows is not practical for your remodel, try painting the preexisting mullions on your wood windows to generate a similar visual impact. 

Add cabinetry around your window

Every kitchen has cabinetry, and using it around your window will give the room a unique appearance. It is possible to maximize natural light from the window and achieve symmetry, making this a terrific concept since it will produce a balanced appearance.

Invest in windows treatment

A lovely window treatment may give your kitchen color and texture while providing control over light and privacy. Although you should choose window treatments for the kitchen with durability in mind, you may still have fun with colors and patterns. 

Beautiful kitchen with a classic and elegant window covering

The ideal window treatment is like the cherry on top, whether it's a lovely curtain, chic shade, or strategically positioned shutter. Make sure, though, to consult specialists on what works best for your windows and perfectly matches the interior. Some of the most common window treatments for kitchen windows are:

  • Cellular and Dual Shades in neutral colors
  • Wood Blinds and Shutters
  • Motorized Blinds
  • Roman Shades
old fashioned cafe window curtain above kitchen sink window

Final thoughts

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Remodeling that area offers plenty of benefits, including increasing the resale value of your home. As per the  Remodeling Magazine's 2021 Cost vs. Value Report, a kitchen remodeling project features a 62-77% of return on investment. However, when considering a kitchen renovation, windows may not be the first thing that comes to mind. This article discusses a few creative ways to use windows in a kitchen remodel to enhance its aesthetics and curb appeal.

Beautiful Kitchen with marble countertops and gold accents with a large window
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