Does Pressure Washing Work? My Befores and Afters

“I’m sharing how I get my home spring clean on the outside as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #ZepSocialstars

I have owned my home for quite some time (I was a yungun' when I first bought it) and it may be hard to believe but I have NEVER used a pressure washer to clean the exterior or any items outside.  I've moaned and groaned about how tired and worn and moldy (eeeee gads) things were looking and I scrubbed, scrubbed, scrubbed like I normally do to little or no avail.  I was honestly so discouraged that I was thinking the only cure would be NEW as in new siding, a new swing, new sidewalks, etc.  I didn't think there was any way everything could look fresh again.

Zep All-In-1 Premium Pressure Washing Concentrate #ZepSocialstars #ad

Well....I was so wrong.  Once again Zep comes to my rescue when it comes to getting my home up to par.  Last weekend when we had about a 3 hour break in the weather (it is cold and miserable here...again), I grabbed a bottle of Zep All-In-1 Premium Pressure Washing Concentrate, took my new Ryobi power washer from Home Depot out of the box and got ready to tackle my house and some outside items.

Zep All-in-1 Premium Pressure Washing Concentrate#ZepSocialstars #ad

I read the directions, sported some protective eye wear and got busy....I did wear those oh so fashionable goggles ~ stuff can fly you know so be careful!

Pressure Washing Aluminum Siding ~ getting rid of mold from #ad #ZepSocialstars

I started with the side of my house.  Do you see that awful mold? I love the shade my trees provide but then when I see mold on the siding and the foundation I think again but I was able to get both absolutely sparkling clean so the trees will stay (yay!!!!).

Pressure Washing a Foundation - Before, During and After from #ad #ZepSocialstars

I can now hold off on replacing the siding and I can finally paint the foundation.  I have been putting it off for years but now I have a clean surface to work with and that is going to make a huge difference in the overall look and curb appeal of my home.

Pressure Washing a Wooden Swing before and after from #ad #ZepSocialstars

Next up, my swing.  This swing is one of my favorite places during the summer but the last few years have been rough for my family......lots of things going on that took priority over outside time.  Staining the swing as I had always done in the past and putting it away for the winter didn't happen.  The poor swing has been left outside through the winter for the past few years and when I finally looked at it the other day I felt awful.  I had  no idea where to start when it came to getting it back into shape but since I had the Zep All-In-1 and my pressure washer I thought I'd give it a try to see if I could revive it.

When I was done I almost cried.  I'm a little sappy like that but I used to spend time swinging with my kids when they were little on this beauty so it does have a place in my heart.  The swing looks wonderful (I do need to get new chains, though) and I plan on staining it soon so it will be ready for use once again.

Pressure Washing a Plastic Garden Shed #ad #ZepSocialstars

The third item I had the chance to clean this go around was my old pool shed.  The pool is gone but the storage shed remains and it has this funky gunky moldy type thing on the lid.  I have used bleach in the past to clean it but it never got rid of it all.  I powered up the pressure washer, sprayed it with the Zep All-In-1 Premium Pressure Washing Concentrate, let it soak for 10 minutes and rinsed....tah dah!!!!! It looks like new.

When I get another break in the weather, oh the plans I have for my two new best buds!  The front deck, the sidewalks and the driveway are just waiting to look new again.  What items around your house would you use the Zep All-In-1 Premium Pressure Washing Concentrate to clean?

Here's a great, quick and easy video to help you get started:

How To Pressure Wash Using Zep Commercial All-In-1 Premium Concentrate

Thanks for stopping by ~ it means so much to me!


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  1. Everything looks sparkling clean and ready to enjoy, especially the swing and the sweet memories of time spent cuddling babies.

  2. TwoPlusCute says:

    Wow! They look like freshly painted or sanded!

  3. Brenda Pennington says:

    oh wow it sure looks great, power washing, however I am 66 years old and I love Zep so I use it on my patio furniture and what siding I can reach, I do my best.

  4. KC @ The Real Thing with the Coake Family says:

    Wow! What a difference. I really need to give this a try on our brick stairway and our deck. I'm sure it would make me feel less like I need to replace things.

  5. Christy @ Our Southern Home says:

    Great transformation! I need to get some of this to try!

  6. Sarah Tomorrow says:

    I leave that up to my husband and refer him to use Zep All-in-One Premium pressure wash, and Washer.