Tartan Plaid Decor and Crafts

I love plaid.  I have ever since I was in grade school and wore a plaid uniform.  I wasn't crazy about school but I did like that pleated skirt.  The biggest disappointment about high school....that uniform was a grey pleated skirt...no more plaid. 😉

Tartan Plaid Decor and Crafts

I was at a local antique store today and found myself craving some plaid thermoses and vintage tartan plaid decor but I couldn't find anything.  The next best thing (well...not quite, I still want to get my grubby hands on some vintage plaid) is a pretty clipboard to look at for inspiration AND some of these plaid beauties I can even make myself.  I would love to start  with those recycled tin cans with a plaid wrap.  You can find all the details on my Hometalk Clipboard right here ---->>>> Tartan Plaid  If you've never checked out Hometalk you'll love it ~ honest....it's a great place to find inspiration for your home and garden.

After you come back from Hometalk to visit me here {please come back!} if you have a hankering to buy some tartan plaid goodies I put together some lovelies I found at Amazon {the links are affiliate links}.

Tartan Plaid

1.  Aladdin Heritage Lunch Kit in Plaid

2.  Aladdin Heritage Vacuum Bottle

3.  Wallace Plaid Snap-on Slim Case

4.  Tartan Plaid Spool of Ribbon 

5.  Scotch Expression Washi Tape in Plaid ~ This can be used for wrapping gifts, making a table runner or even Christmas stockings.

6.  Classic Plaid Scarf ~ perfect for any black coat.

7.  Plaid Plates 

8.  Red Plaid Dust Mop Slippers ~ these could actually make cleaning fun (and they remind me of my friend Deb...I think she should have invented these).

Do you like plaid?  I think it's either love it or hate it.


Do you like plaid?  I think it's either love it or hate it.


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