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Ribbon Organizer ~ Recycled Tin Can

Recycle a tin can into a pretty and useful ribbon organizer. Perfect for the craft room. This would also work great in the kitchen for twine or string.

Upcycled Tin cans - one used to organize ribbon and the other with a vintage shabby chic look used to hold crafting paint brushes

Here’s a quick, easy, and inexpensive ribbon organizer for all your pretty ribbons.

I use tin cans for a lot of crafts around my house.  I love to punch holes in them using my Crop-A-Dile or a nail {if the area can’t be reached with the Crop-A-Dile} to make luminaries for various holidays or just for fun.  While thinking about this a little deeper a few weeks ago {yes, I think deeply about holes, cans, and crafting. I thought that this method might work well for ribbon organization and with nothing left to lose, I tried it and it worked. 




Tin Can

Craft Paint or any leftover paint you may have

How-To Make a Ribbon Organizer

Colorful graphic with text ribbon organizer


All you need is a tin can with the label removed.  Make sure you wash out your can and that there are no sharp edges. 

tin can without label ready to be made into a tin can ribbon organizer

I used a line that was already on my can as the mark for placing a straight line of holes using my Crop-A-Dile.  If I chose to add more holes I could have used a nail to put another hole below the furthest point that my Crop-A-Dile would go. 

tin can ribbon organizer with holes punched in strip

So that the hole edges weren’t sharp I used my Crop-A-Dile to add eyelets to the holes.  This also gives the can a more finished look.

Metal eyelets for tin can ribbon organizer

tin can ribbon organizer with holes punched and metal eyelets in place

Next, I dry brushed my can with some pink craft paint {use any color you wish!}.  I applied 3 coats. 

Upcycled tin can ribbon organizer

When all was dry I used a rubber stamp and a gold paint pad to stamp on a butterfly.  I had a little rub on crown left from the Dollar Store Princess frame I made last year and put that on my can as well as the number 5 {stenciled on in white} and then rimmed in gold paint.  I also rimmed the eyelets with the gold craft paint.

tin can ribbon organizer complete with ribbons drawn through metal eyelet holes

Add your ribbon spools to the can one at a time feeding the ribbon ends through the eyelet hole.

Side View of upcycled tin can ribbon organizer

That’s it!  

Collage of Upcycled tin can used to organize ribbon


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