Upcycled Tin Can Halloween Craft

Upcycled tin can pumpkins, hand-painted, Halloween pail, upcycle

Today, I have the oh so simple instructions for making the pumpkin cans from Saturday’s post. The pumpkin cans were made over a few years ago and have withstood the test of time for Halloween decorating year after year. There will not be visuals other than the completed project for this but if anyone would like a template for the face {eyes, mouth, nose, etc.}, just  click here.  

Materials needed: Can-any size {make sure you don’t leave any rough edges from the lid}, acrylic paint-orange, black, yellow, white and gold, paint brushes and sponges

Optional: Drill and bit to make holes in the sides for a handle or a nail and a hammer {I have used both and the drill is easier but not necessary}, wire for handle or ribbon

Step One: Moisten your sponge and squeeze it out well

Step Two: Dab the orange paint rather heavily over the can – the heavy dabbing will leave a textured effect but you could spray paint the can or brush the paint on depending on the end results you desire

Step Three: When the paint has dried, you can now draw the eyes, eyelashes, nose, mouth, and tooth or transfer the template features onto the can

Step Four: Using the black paint, paint the eyebrows, the eyes, eyelashes, mouth, outline of tooth and nose

Step Five: When the black paint has dried add the yellow and white highlights to the eyes and nose and color in the tooth.

Step Six: Add the gold sparkle {looks like an asterisk} to the tooth

Step Seven: When completely dry, drill the holes for the handle and insert your wire or ribbon.

Complete! If you would like to seal your work of art, you can use a spray paint sealer or brush on the sealer and this can be done between steps six and seven.


If you make the project, please leave me a picture or a link to your Pumpkin Buddy – I would love to see it!

hugs, mb new logo March 2016