A Season of Change

I love the change of the seasons....every season. It gives me a chance to update my scenery. Fall is in the air and there is frost on the pumpkin (well, not quite yet, but soon). I have an arbor in the front of my house that has been there for years and I have always wanted to tie some cornstalks to it. I was out yesterday getting my pool closing kit (we haven't swam in over a month but I tend to be a little behind the eight ball here....a little late in getting my summer chores taken care of)...anway, I digress.....while at the local pool store, the owner was selling some Amish items, zucchini bread, pumpkin bread, fudge (so many different flavors), cookies, etc. and...drum roll please CORNSTALKS! So of course I had to buy them. When I got home we decorated. I even had a bale of hay (I bought it to cover the grass seed I bought in March to re-seed a part of my back yard...well, the seeds are still in the garage...but I had hay to decorate with). So this is the result of the first stage of decorating. Hopefully, the inside of the house will be next and I will post those pictures as soon as I have it completed along with instructions for making a small glittery boo banner that I think I am going to drape across a mirror in my living room....but that may change. Until tomorrow, creative hugs. mb 

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  1. Your outdoor fall scenery is adorable. Love the fountain, where did you get it?