Glass Apothecary Jars Giveaway

It's time for the January 2020 Thrifty Style Team post and this month each blogger is giving something awesome away.

This Giveaway has Ended - thank you to everyone who entered!

To enter each giveaway simply click on the links for the individual blogs at the bottom of this post and follow that blogger's instructions.

I'm giving away a brand new kit of 6 recycled glass apothecary bottles with corks and a bag of Magnesium crystals so you can make your own magnesium oil.

The kit is from The Magnesium Co. and if you've never heard of the health benefits of Magnesium oil you can check them out and I believe if you sign up for their email list they will send you a free PDF with lots of great tips and information.

The kit contains these glass apothecary jars which are great for crafting and display.

I like to use and reuse them.

This past Christmas I covered one of the jars in school glue and heavily sprinkled it while wet with Epsom salt.

When the glue dried, the jar looked like it was covered with snow. The beauty of that project was that when the holidays were over, I simply soaked the bottle in warm water and then washed it and it was good as new.

You could also fill the bottles with buttons and ribbons for displaying in a craft room or with herbs and spices for use in your kitchen. Add a label and you are all done.

I'll be adding more pictures of what I have done with mine to give you some ideas but I would also love to hear your ideas.

How To Enter This Giveaway

Rules for entering:

You must be a resident of the continental United States due to the prize being shipped directly to you.

Leave a comment below telling me what you would do with this kit. Either an idea for displaying the bottles, crafting with them or how you could use Magnesium Oil.

One winner will be chosen at random on Friday, 01/17/2020, and notified via the email associated with the comment and will have 48 hours to respond with shipping information. If I don't hear back within 48 hours of notification being sent, a new winner will be chosen and given the same timeframe to email me back.

It's that easy! Good Luck and be sure to enter the other wonderful giveaways!

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  2. I love these! I am going to make Lemoncello and these would be perfect!

  3. Kim Gaede says:

    What a great way to display different colored waters, infused oils, the possibilities are endless. I had never though of using Epson salt to decorate the outside of the jars. What a cool idea.

    1. Sally Smith says:

      They are so awesome!! Not sure what i would put in them , they are so neat already. Thank you so much for your great blog!!

      1. Nia Donovan says:

        They are so awesome!! Not sure what i would put in them , they are so neat already. Thank you so much for your great blog!!

        1. I'd used these to make the magnesium oil. My doctor just prescribed magnesium as a migraine inhibitor!

        2. stephanie sheridan says:

          The jars are so cute and would use them in my craft room. Include something cute inside.

      2. I've been kicking around the idea of making a line of natural health care products (soaps, tooth powder, deoderant, elderberry syrup, etc). I would make the oil just as intended.

    2. Hi I would love to display dried flowers in these for deco on my dining table!

  4. Linda Colomonico says:

    Very interested in the crystals but for now, I would love to dry some of the mint I'm growing on a windowsill and use the containers for spices.

  5. First and foremost I would love to try the magnesium for tinnitus. It started for me about a year ago after hearing loud music in a hiit class several times a week. I had to start wearing ear plugs, but unfortunately the tinnitus is still there. I’m also under a lot of stress with my aging parents being in and out of the hospital lately so anything to help combat my stress would be greatly appreciated. Thirdly, I see jars for a spooky laboratory at Halloween time! There are great printables for those types of jars on the internet. So I would love to expand my laboratory display next Halloween! ?

  6. Amy Templeton says:

    I started an herb garden, and these would be perfect for storing not only the tinctures I'd like to try and make, but also the dried herbs themselves. I can just imagine how beautiful they will look lined up on my shelf!

  7. sharon Hudson says:

    I just love these jars and would put tall seeded eucalyptus stems in three of them and place them on my buffet table. The other three I would place on my open shelves in the kitchen and put them on a shelf with other clear jars I have of old mason jars. It would make a nice collection. Thank you!

  8. Helen Ward says:

    I already use glass for storing spice mixtures, beans, pasta, and other dry foods.. Glass is so durable and beautiful.

  9. These would be a fun way to add color to any room but most likely my kitchen.

  10. Love these jars! Thanks for sharing the tip about soaking off the epsom salts after winter crafting. I have a very large picture window in my eat in kitchen area and I love to put glass jars with succulents, colored water, etc and they look amazing with the sun streaming in and sparkling off the glass.

  11. I work in an elementary school, so putting some sea glass in one, make a "settle your glitter bottle" for another and then I think I would put sequins in some. Something that the students would enjoy looking at.

  12. Definitely want to try the magnesium, I have tinnitus and fibromyalgia. I would enjoy using the jars for dried herbs and seasonings

  13. Mary Helser says:

    I would use these for my oils and for Halloween. I have a big display of potion bottles for my hutch. These would be perfect.

  14. Mikell Robinson says:

    Thanks for the chance to win these beautiful jars and the magnesium crystals. I have used magnesium oil for years but have never made my own. I would love the chance to do that and then use these beautiful jars for the oil and other pretties.

  15. We have a huge collection of tiny shells from our visits to the beach. I would use a few of the jars to display those shells, and the others as flower vases on the mantle.

  16. Oh goodness, what to do with them - I would have to put in some simple pink/red colored water with a little glitter & a single stem carnation & give them away to my daughters for an early Valentine present!

  17. I would put buttons in them and sit them in my sewing area.

  18. Sheila Allen says:

    Oh gosh! I have had this idea in my head for a long, long time and I just haven't done it yet, but it involves jars like these and old pictures. If I won these, I would print old pictures of my parents, grandparents, etc on card stock paper (don't want to use originals) and roll them up and insert into the jars to display on shelves, coffee table, etc. I might experiment with the Epsom salt by adding the top portion covered on the jar and then add a ribbon jute tie and possibly a small charm? My mind is racing with ideas....thank you so much for the opportunity! Good luck everyone!

  19. Patricia Solla says:

    I would create a display of tiny items and when needed I can empty and use as serving containers for special occasions.

  20. These are lovely! Like the idea of covering with Epsom salts -- next winter. For now, a line of bottles on a narrow tray to each hold a single spring blossom

  21. I love them! I'm a quilter of small wall displays and I use lots of different buttons - they would look great in these jars as a display. Thank you for this opportunity!

  22. The jars would be used constantly for many things. They are so versatile and I love them! The crystals that I am now going to research as to what can be done with them! I'm excited to learn. Thank you for the giveaway!

  23. Julie Knauss says:

    I have a weathered narrow crate that I use on my kitchen or dining room table. The bottles would look great in the crate with a fresh flower in each one. A little dose of color!

  24. Julie Kaps says:

    I believe in using natural things like garlic & peppermint oil to stay healthy.
    I'd love to try the magnesium oil.
    Thanks for having this giveaway.

  25. Haven't heard of the magnesium for tinnitus and fibromyalgia but would love to try it! Also would be good storing kitchen items and leaving on the counter!

  26. Linda Dreher says:

    Love the bottles! I would put the crystals in the bottle with some pretty stem flowers and hang a colorful beaded rope around it. Thank you for the chance, Linda Dreher.

  27. Scotta latka says:

    I am interested in making the magnesium oil. That’s interesting. My other thought is that I have been wanting to make homemade vanilla - I just don’t know if the cork is the right lid for that. But generally speaking, I love crafting and making homemade oils and am toying with infusing my own cooking oil. These would for sure find a few different uses! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  28. Laura Hilton says:

    Thank you for sharing your time and talents. These jars are awesome for a number of uses and beautiful as well. My first thought was small bouquets or single stem flowers in a grouping. I have read sooooo many good ideas in the comments. I'm also interested in learning more about the magnesium oil. Thank you for this opportunity. Good luck to everyone!

  29. kathleen rowley says:

    I love bottles of all times ,but especially the vintage looking ones! I would display them in my kitchen with herbs and oil.Thank you for this opportunity to enter your contest!

  30. Michelle J. says:

    I'd put fairy lights in the jars!

  31. I love the container and I’m very interested to learn about magnesium crystals.

  32. Annetta Francis says:

    I love these apothecary jars. I would use a couple for in fused oils. a couple for colored water sitting on my window sill. I recently saw a Christmas diy that these would work perfectly for. Oh the options.

  33. These bottles are adorable. I have been looking for some just like theses. I will use them as bud vases when my lily of the valley bloom this spring. I will have to investigate the uses for the magnesium crystals. Thanks for the give away. Michelle

  34. Anna Marie says:

    I love this! I have so many uses swirling in my head but using this to create a spa experience for me would top the list!

  35. Deborah gullett says:

    I take magnesium tablets for cramps so the magnesium oil is what I want to try instead! The jars would be great for infused oils and vinegars. Thanks for the giveaway!

  36. So simple, so beautiful, so versatile - no need to choose how to use, try anything that occurs to me!

  37. So simple, so beautiful, so versatile - no need to choose how to use, try anything that occurs to me!

  38. Cindy Wilson says:

    I have always loved these jars,really loved these

  39. ColleenB.-Tx. says:

    I just may do some glass etching on them but other than that I may make some sort of arrangement using the jars for center piece on my dining table.
    (fill with M&M's and give as a gift.
    Thank you.

  40. Cathy Maupin says:

    I don't know, I love bottles. I will be checking out the magnesium oil.

  41. I love these jars. I would put stems in them depending on the season what kind I choose and make a beautiful display for my table. Love ❤️

  42. M. Elizabeth Gilchrist says:

    How cute are these?!! I look for things like this so that I can fill them with flower stems from my garden and give to friends. Good idea with the "snow" covering on them! Thank you for being such a giving person!

  43. Jane Clelland says:

    I have a couple of Daughters-In- Law that would receive one of these with buttons in them and the rest would be mine! Love it!

  44. Heather Mccann says:

    I love the bottles and would display them in my guest bathroom. I might leave them empty because they are beautiful as is. But I also like the idea of putting a single stem of flower in them during the summer from my flower garden.

  45. I love these jars. I would put fairy lights in a couple and fresh flowers in the others to make a pretty table setting

  46. Michelle Goolsby says:

    I would display them possibly with olive stem in them

  47. Tami R May says:

    I make my own face oils and would use these as gifts for my friends and family! (of course I'm keeping one for myself)!

  48. Ane Ryan Walker says:

    I love these jars! How wonderful they would look in my new home.

  49. Nancy F Lambert says:

    I love the bottles, I love learning about magnesium crystals, and learning to make healthy things I could put in there.

  50. I love these jars. I would like to decorate them with my cricut. I have just started using it, so don't know what I will come up with. I am really interested in the magnesium oil. I have heard it is good for you so am ready to research it a little faether.

  51. Magnesium would be wonderful for chronic pain which I have .

  52. Angela Green says:

    I love these bottles. I use this type of bottle for plant starts and decor for different rooms in the house. They are also fabulous for sewing notions like straight pins, needles, buttons, etc

  53. I love flowers. I would place flowers in them around my plant stands to perk up our family and any visitors we my have.

  54. I would use them to root cuttings or store infused oils. Magnesium oil would be great for a spray on for added magnesium intake.

  55. Sue welsh says:

    I would use them to root cuttings or store infused oils. Magnesium oil would be great for a spray on for added magnesium intake.

  56. Thank you for a fun giveaway one of the gal in bible study makes and gives away magnesium oil for pain. She gave me the ingredient list
    A jar would be used to try my hand at it
    I use east o al oils I would some for that and decor thanks linda

  57. I use magnesium oil now for muscle cramps and I would use the bottles for crafts as well as store some of my dried herbs in them.

  58. I would use them on a gold charger and add seasonal decorations.

  59. Anne Marie says:

    Love these jars - perfect for dried flowers.

  60. Karenann s. says:

    Thank you for such a great giveaway opportunity! I love these bottles and would love to decorate with them!

  61. Tammy J McKenzie says:

    I love these jars ! I take car of two disabled people in my home with CP. I can tell you that the rooms have so many potions and creams it can be a bit depressing . My goal this winter is to try to find away to make their rooms look not so clinical with all the necessary items these jars would be awesome !

  62. Mother Deer says:

    I would like to try your Epsom salts treatment. Thank you for this opportunity to win a set of jars 🙂

  63. Talitha Wright says:

    Would like to try the magnesium oil. I was not aware of the benefits ascribed to it. And I'm something of a collector of glass jars. I use them to display fresh or dried flowers and also to store small craft items, like sequins, brads, etc.

  64. Barbara Spaul says:

    These jars are so cute! I would put them in my rustic box that I use on my coffee table or sometimes on the dining table. According to the season, I would put single stem flowers in them, cedar cuttings, fall leaf stem (likely fake) wheat stems, cotton stalk.......endless possibilities.

    1. Pamela Pigue says:

      I enjoy making my own Vanilla, Coffee extract, Almond extract and Kahlua for gifts. These would make a lovely presentation.

  65. Audrey Stewart says:

    These are so nice. I would use them for my bath salts. These would be perfect in my bathroom.

  66. Heather B says:

    I would display them in my kitchen windows!

  67. My husband just built an rectangular crate for our table. These would be perfect to use any season! I love these!

  68. Oh Mary Beth! These bottles are absolutely darling! I would have so much fun using them as little vases, on a tray, tied together, who knows what inspiration will strike! And Magnesium oil is amazing! I never knew I could make my own! So... yup... I'd do that too! What a fun giveaway!! Thank you!!!

  69. Diffuser bottles on mantel.

  70. Melinda M Fulk says:

    I love collecting bottles like this and filling them with my own essential oil mixes, making vanilla extract, etc. I've not heard of magnesium oil until now, but will enjoy reading on more on it.

  71. Amy Cooley says:

    I would like to put some pretty faux seasonal flowers/greenery in these jars to display in my home. Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  72. Just recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Never thought that it would happen to me. Stress is going on right now and apparently have sciatica, too. I would love to check out

    1. the value of magnesium

  73. I’m not sure what I would put in the jars. We’re moving and i know the jars would look great in the bay window shelf. I’ve never heard about magnesium oil but I’ll look into it

  74. Gail Holcomb says:

    I love using little glass jars as vases for single flowers on my kitchen sink windowsill. These would be perfect there. And I know how important magnesium is because I follow a keto eating plan and it helps with sleep and anxiety.

  75. I love these kinds of jars in the kitchen for salad dressings, etc. I also like them for home decoration and would live to try your Epsom salts trick.

  76. Melissa Storms says:

    These are great little jars and I could think of many uses for them/ I had not heard of magnesium oil before but would love to give it a try.

  77. Jean Michelin says:

    They're so pretty! Would love to see a single flower in each of them on my windowsill.

  78. Cassandra A says:

    Love these jars! They would make a perfect start for my essential oil mixes! I love the apothecary look! I’ve been doing some research into magnesium and have been drinking a drink called calm, it seems to work most of the time, interested in those crystals!

  79. Beth Hinchee says:

    I would use them for my homemade vanilla extract and give to friends as gifts

  80. Ellen Casper says:

    They'd be perfect for dried herbs,

  81. Katherine A Hawkes says:

    I LOVE these sweet jars. I can think of so many uses. They would work well for starting plant cuttings, storing glitter, pearls or little adornments for crafting, using as vases for single blooms (or silk florals), tying ribbons on them to match the season and using them as simple decor, stuffing them with secret wishes or prayers written on little slips of paper. They are so versatile! Thank you for such a sweet give-away... may you be especially blessed!! Good luck to all those who enter!

  82. Michelle H. says:

    I would use this for crafting or as for a diy project.

  83. I hunt and collect fossils and rocks, these would be cool to display the smaller fragments.

  84. I would love to paint them in a blue sea glass color, beautiful!

  85. Radafay Martin says:

    I would make something that help a room smell fresh.

  86. I love using bottles like these to display the little wildflowers my youngest daughter brings to me. I also like to experiment with flavored oils.

  87. I would probably use them to put a flower stem in. I have a large tray that I display small vases with flowers.

  88. Leigh Nichols says:

    These would be beautiful with lights in them

  89. Sandy Klocinski says:

    The jars would look great in my kitchen with dried flowers in them

  90. Kathy Beemer says:

    Love these cute little jars. It would be so fun playing with them and deciding just how to use them around the house and I'd love to try the magnesium.

    1. Jayne Haumschild says:

      I would place wire around them and use to hang as plant starters or bud vases in my RV.

  91. These are awesome. So many ideas!

  92. I would love to try magnesium oil with one of the bottles and use the others as a propagation station!

  93. Leslie p. says:

    I would love to put these on the glass shelves in my kitchen window to hold a few wildflowers.

  94. beth shepherd says:

    This would be wonderful to decorate with in my old farm house. Thank you

  95. I think these would look so beautiful over my sink filled with buttons, sand, small shells, or stones!

  96. Nancy Robinson says:

    I have a collection of tiny seashells that would look lovely in these!

  97. Cindy Wilson says:

    I have always loved and wanted these jars,just love them

  98. I would love to have these jars to fill with some magnesium oil to give to others that need the help for their sickness. I love giving to others that need help, and cannot afford things. Love your newsletters. Vicky

  99. Flowers, flowers, and, oh yeah - more flowers!

  100. I love all these ideas, and think the covering then with Epson salt is so pretty. What about coloring the salt and putting coordinating Daisy's.?! Would be beautiful on a window sill with light shining through.

  101. I have previously made magnesium oil to use for in creams or lotions for muscle pain. I would do that again with this kit and give bottles of the oil to friends and family with information on the use of the product,

  102. These jars are so stinking cute!!! I love the ideas you gave (I've never thought to decorate them with Epsom salts!). They can so easily be used in a variety of ways throughout the year!

  103. TELENA REYNOLDS says:

    I would use these to store flavored vinegars and oil. Would be so pretty in a wire or wicker basket!
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  104. Leslie Hildebidle says:

    Thank you for this giveaway! I would use these as diffusers for oils . also interested in making magnesium oil.

  105. I would use the bottles for different things but I would start with using them to display small fresh flower stems. So cute!

  106. These would look lovely on a wooden dough bowl with a touch of greenery in each as the centerpiece of our table.

  107. I love all kinds of bottles and jars. I would use them for oils and maybe put some lights in one.
    ps.....Thank you for ham and bean soup recipe?

    1. Mary Beth says:

      You're welcome, Joyce!

    2. Teresa Harrah says:

      I do a lot of crafting and also make body butters and scrubs. I have different collections of glass jars and bottles. I'm 64 years young and have come to that point in life where I have collected oh soo many ideas, home remedies, passed down from my grandparents remedies, ect... I've decided that I'm not going to let these things be forgotten, not on my watch!!! I would use the bottles to put all of this knowledge into with a small note to explain the uses and ingredients of each product. I'm sure a couple of my grandchildren are already totally interested so i know these will be taken good care of into their future. Thank you

  108. Billie Marrs says:

    I would start by filling them with dried lavender and oil. Have never heard of magnesium oil but willing to try this. I can see these as small gifts for a dear group of friends.

  109. I am a baker & like to make my own vanilla, lemon extract, & orange extract. These bottles would be perfect for that!

  110. Sandra Tabor says:

    I love the bottles! They are just beautiful. I can see a grouping of colored waters, reeds, or even fragrant oils. So pretty.

  111. Donna Gonzalez says:

    I love vintage and vintage-looking bottles for displaying single stems of flowers or greenery.

  112. Tina Voyles says:

    These are so cute, so many possible uses! I am interested in learning more about the magnesium too!

  113. Stephanie Liske says:

    I love the idea of having the sand and shells in the pretty little bottles.

  114. Leah Shumack says:

    These are beautiful! I would use them in my kitchen!

  115. susan smoaks says:

    I would use this kit to create an in home spa like experience.

  116. Lisa Babs says:

    I love your idea of using them for spices How cute would that be in the kitchen.

  117. Laurie Emerson says:

    I love to craft with apothecary bottles. I would use these to make special gifts for birthdays and holidays.

  118. I would use it for bath products in my newly remodeled bathroom.

  119. I use magnesium oil on my legs because I dance and my calves get very tight. The magnesium oil helps to loosen them up.

  120. I would sort a different color of button in each jar and showcse them in my sewing room window.

  121. I love these sweet little bottles! I would use them for a spa themed gift basket for teacher and friend gifts!

  122. ElizaBeth Moore says:

    These are beautiful. So many ways to use them. I can create visual displays in my craft area. I could upgrade my kitchen organizing... the list goes on. I love these!!
    Thank you for this opportunity.

  123. Linda Pawlak says:

    I would use these bottles to store homemade toiletries! They are adorable! Thank you!

  124. Tonya Kennedy says:

    I would love to use these in my craft room to store my grandmother’s antique buttons and other items.

  125. I would "sea glass" paint them and display them on drift wood chips in my bathroom.

  126. I love all kinds of jars, I would probably use them for homemade vanilla