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I had a box of manila folders and too many scrapbook supplies…what to do, what to do?  I had seen expensive folders at the office supply store, online and at T.J. Maxx etc.  I decided to try to make some myself and it turned out pretty well.

This was just up my alley, simple, quick, and inexpensive!

I have some more that are not completed yet and will post them as they are finished but wanted to post something quick and easy for today.  This is the only one I have done…a folder for my paid bills-year 2009.

1.  I started with a basic manila folder and covered it with a sheet of scrapbook paper using a glue stick.

2.  Next, I printed out the Yearly Egg Account from Vintage Moth and attached that to the front of the folder over the scrapbook paper.

3.  I then placed the folder under a pile of books to secure the glue.

4.  After waiting a day or so I was ready to begin customizing my folder.  I used an Exacto knife to cut around the tabs, added some mini tab stickers from Michael’s-Martha Stewart-to spell out the word FINANCE, cut a small ribbon, wrote 2009 on a tag hanging this from the ribbon, punched a small hole in the tab and used a brad to attach the ribbon and tag to the folder.

It doesn’t make bill paying any easier-ugh, yuck, snort-but at least once they are paid the bills will have a prettier place to stay.

attempting organization hugs, mb

Edited:  I finally finished the other folders-if you would like to see more here is the link.

More Customized Manila Folders