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Make a Beautiful Wreath from a Thrift Store Sweater

Repurposed Sweater Wreath with Vintage Skates and Glitter

This repurposed sweater wreath with vintage ice skates is the perfect decor that will can easily be used for Christmas and throughout winter.Thrift Store Sweater Wreath with Vintage White Ice Skates



Make It: Fun® Foam Wreath ~ 1 15/16 x 15 11/16 x 1 7/8 inches

Diamond Dust™ Glitter

Mod Podge


3 yards of ribbon for bow

Trim of choice {optional}

Ice Skates {optional}


1.  Cut the sleeves off the sweater.

2.  Cut the seam to open the sleeve into one flat piece.

3.  Wrap sleeve around your foam wreath inserting pins into the back of the wreath to hold the sweater in place.

4.  Attach second sleeve cuff-to-cuff with the first sleeve.

5.  Hot glue trim of choice {I had some snowflake tree trim left from years ago that I used but you could use any snowflakes or Christmas-type trim of your choice}.

6.  Attach ribbon to top center of wreath.

7.  Apply Mod Podge Outdoor to area of the skates that you would like to have the look of ice/snow.  Sprinkle Diamond Dust™ Glitter onto the Mod Podge while it is still wet. (You can use regular Mod Podge if your door or where you’ll be hanging this isn’t exposed to harsh weather conditions or the Extreme Glitz one – I prefer the glitz one for crafts like this)

8.  One your skates are dry, tie the laces together staggering the lengths of the skates.

9.  Hang your wreath with skates.

I love being part of the MakeItFunTeam team and sharing a new project every month ~ last month I made a Faux Pallet (it looks exactly like a pallet but weighs next to nothing) and in October I made a light up Jack ‘o Lantern with a burlap and Decorative Mesh tiara.

hugs, mb new logo March 2016


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