The Easiest and Tastiest Buttered Cabbage Ever

Cabbage is one of my favorite vegetables and it’s in season around here which means the freshest cabbage is available from local farmer’s markets.

Cabbage being chopped and pot of butter steamed cabbage in vintage enamelware

It’s usually really inexpensive as well which is a big plus in my book.  I recently got two fresh heads and was going to make my Mom’s sweet and sour cabbage but decided to change things up a bit and make a butter steamed cabbage instead.  When this was all cooked up it tasted almost like pierogies or cabbage and noodles {haluski} without all the extra carbs and it’s gluten free which is a nice side dish my whole family can enjoy.

Butter Steamed Cabbage from #cabbage #recipes


1 head of cabbage

3 tablespoons of butter

1 tablespoon olive oil

salt to taste

pepper to taste

Enough water to just cover the cabbage

1.  Remove outer leaves from cabbage, rinse in cool water, remove core and then chop up.

2.  Add butter and olive oil to pot and allow the butter to melt over low heat.

3.  Add the cabbage, salt and pepper and cover with water.

4.  Bring to a boil over medium-high heat and stir occasionally.

5.  Once the water begins to boil lower heat and cover with a lid.

6.  Simmer for 15 minutes until cabbage is tender stirring occasionally.

You’ll want to make extra of this to save for a treat the next day.  I think it’s almost better as a leftover.

If you like this you may also like my Mom’s Sweet and Sour Cabbage.


Are you a fan of cabbage?  If you are what’s your favorite way to make it?

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