Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful

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Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful

That's pretty good advice, isn't it? It's so important that no matter your age, weight, skin color, etc., YOU celebrate the beauty that makes you unique! It's a gift....embrace it!

Be your own kind of beautiful - embrace the beauty that is you! free printable for you from

While I do embrace where I am right now in my life, two sons graduating this year and only one still left at home so to speak *sigh*, I want to look the best I possibly can, appreciating who I am and where I am, and the right skin care plays a huge role in the process.  

The most recent RoC skin care product I have had the opportunity to try is the Daily Resurfacing Disks.  These are, to put it in a nutshell, da bomb!

Diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with Daily Resurfacing Disks - celebrate your true beauty #WomenWhoRoc #sponsored

Here are 3 things I absolutely love about them:

 1.  In the time I have been using them (almost 2 weeks), I have noticed diminished lines and wrinkles.  Yay!  With such a short investment time wise I have been very impressed with the results.
RoC Daily Resurfacing Disks textured side
RoC Daily Resurfacing Disks - smooth side2.  Now let's move on to the pads themselves and how I like to use them.  They have two sides; one side is smooth and the other textured.  When I use the disks at night I start with the smooth side and remove my eye makeup first.  I use a very potent other words my mascara doesn't MOVE unless I want it too 😉 and this gets the mascara off without having to tug and pull at my skin - another plus!  After removing my mascara and makeup I switch to the textured side and use it to exfoliate.  By the time I'm done my face looks and feels soft, smooth and fresh. Self-Foaming Disks3.  Self-Foaming, Soap-FREE and hypoallergenic.  These disks work up a lather with little effort and not just a little bit of lather but a LOT! 

*Tip - I have found that for morning use and when I'm not wearing a lot of makeup I can cut the disks in half and still have more than enough lather to get my face clean and enjoy the benefits of the product.  

RoC skin care products - unleash your beauty!

In a few more weeks these are the results I can expect:  

  • 4 weeks – signs of photoaging appear diminished
  • 12 weeks – appearance of wrinkles and pores is diminished

A Gift to YOU Because You are Beautiful Inside and Out!

Now that we have makeup removal and face washing covered grab this free printable....print it out and look at it often...YOU are BEAUTIFUL! 

Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful - free printable to celebrate your beauty from

Thanks so much for stopping by! 

hugs, mb new logo March 2016


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