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Lavender Sachet Made from a Vintage Doily

One of my loves is vintage linens and lavender.  When I was growing up my Grandma’s drawers always smelled fresh and wonderful.  I’m not sure if she used sachets but I seem to remember little paper packages in each drawer that I believe contained a scented powder of some sort.  Grandma also had drawers and drawers of linens.  I think that must have been when I first was drawn to linens and fresh aromas….who knows!  

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In any case if you are looking for a small tuck-in gift for your Mom for Mother’s Day this takes only minutes to make and no sewing is required.  I like that there is no sewing because I can’t bring myself to cut up or alter vintage linens in any way {unless, of course, they’re full of holes and it’s a salvage procedure}.


Vintage doily ~ round in shape with a tatted edge

thin ribbon 

fresh lavender

lavender essential oil if desired but keep in mind that this may leave a stain on the doily

1.  Iron your doily but do not starch ~ you want it to be smooth but not crisp.


2.  Run your ribbon through the tatting at the bottom-most openings that butt up to the fabric center of your doily.

Vintage Doily Lavender Sachet 4

3.  Inset fresh lavender into the center of the doily.  If using essential oil add a few drops to the center of your lavender.

4.  Draw up your edges and pull the ribbon snugly and tie into a bow.

Lavender-sachet-vintage-doily cupcakes-and-crinoline 3

You can add a fresh lavender plant to your gift package so that Mom can enjoy fresh lavender throughout the summer.

This would be a perfect gift for Mom ~ they love homemade gifts from their kids no matter how old their kids may be!

I’ve joined a few of my blog friends for a Mother’s Day Blog Hop ~ be sure to check out their homemade goodies for some more Mother’s Day gift ideas ~ if you put all of our ideas together you’ll have a wonderful gift package for Mom.


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