Get ready for spring with these easy and inexpensive peat pot spring crafts.

Spring is a week away and I can hardly wait for it to arrive.  The other day it was almost 70 degrees and I could barely contain myself.  I threw the kids in the car {not really…they got in willingly}, tossed my husband in there as well {him, I really had to toss} and we headed out to run some errands, windows down on the highway, hair blowing in the breeze {the boys desperately needed haircuts so their hair looked like a 1980’s disco nightmare after I subjected them to all that air} and we enjoyed the day.  Today…there’s snow ~ UGH! 

Peat Pot Succulents and Shabby Chic Spring

Even though the outside is screaming winter I’m getting the house ready for spring.  I wanted to make something on a small scale for the dining room table {the kids do their school work there so I can’t have anything too big} and I wanted to change out the darker colors for some light and soft colors.

How-To Make Peat Pots as Planters

Succulent in Peat Pot Wrapped with Moss #succulent #peatpot #moss

I like to do things in 3’s ~ not sure why but I do {3 boys, 3 Peat pots ~ okay…maybe that’s not a pattern but I do like 3’s}.  For this planter, I used 1 peat pot, moss, twine, a plastic cup, potting soil and a succulent.

Peat Pot Planter for Succulents
Peat Pots with Moss
Peat Pot wrapped with Moss and Twine from Cupcakes and Crinoline

I pulled off moss for the size needed to circle my pot and then simply attached it with twine wrapping around the pot 3 times (an X-shape and then around the middle) and tied in a knot.  I trimmed off the top of the peat moss slightly so that the rim was symmetric.

Peat Pot Succulent Planter

Since the pot will breakdown with exposure to water I cut a plastic cup to size, poked some holes in the bottom and then added my succulent.  The cup fit nicely into the center of the pot.  Next, I covered the soil with more moss.  

There you have it ~ 1 pot down and 2 to go.

How-To Make Shabby Chic Peat Pots

Shabby Chic Peat Pots #shabbychic #peatpots #spring from Cupcakes and Crinoline

For these I used 2 peat pots, Gesso (you can also use white craft paint), cheesecloth, filler {I save mine from boxes, gift baskets, etc.} and some speckled eggs.

Paint peat pots with gesso

Paint your pots with the Gesso {no need to paint the bottom} and allow to dry.

Use a small piece of cheesecloth to wrap your pot leaving enough excess to make a quick knot.  The cheesecloth will ‘stick to itself’ so you don’t need to do a double knot.  


Fill the pot with your filler and sprinkle with the speckled eggs.

You can also go all out and add some bling with broaches, rhinestones, etc.  I kept it simple but was really tempted to doll these babies up ~ after Easter I may fill these with some summer flowers and embellish the pots further.  If I do I’ll let you know! 😉