19 Appealing Front Yard Designs for Curb Appeal

DIY Front Yard Curb Appeal on a Budget

Do you ever get stumped with what to do to give your front yard some oomph and add to the overall curb appeal of your home?

The Secret to Creating a Cozy and Charming Outdoor Space ~ vintage wooden chairs ~ cupcakesandcrinoline.com

Now is the time of year to start planning what you'll do with your outside space to get your home noticed, and if you'll be selling your home or just want to make it more beautiful, here are 19 DIY Front Yard Curb Appeal Designs that can all be done on a tight budget!  

My Personal Curb Appeal Transformation

Front Yard Makeover- DIY Curb Appeal on a Budget Before and After

On the left is the before, and on the right, the after.

Front yard of a midsize suburban home that is in need of some yard work - this photo is before the simple and inexpensive DIY Curb appeal Makeover

This curb appeal makeover required some hard work on my part but nothing overwhelming. Just a lot of time. I was, thankfully, able to do it all by myself in just one day. 

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Where to Start Your Personal Curb Appeal Makeover

After photo of freshly trimmed shrubs and bushes and edged flower bed in a front yard DIY curb appeal property makeover

I chose the bushes to the right of my front door and porch as my starting point. They are the furthest back moving back to front toward the sidewalk and street. I chose this as the area to start since trimming bushes and hedges can make a huge impact with little effort. Also, I knew this task would leave debris and would need to be raked up and picked out of the flower beds so it would not make sense to do this last or after progress had been made in the other areas I was planning on tackling.

BLACK+DECKER BEHT100 Hedge Trimmer


I used some basic and inexpensive hedge trimmers, the ones above, to shape the bushes beneath the living room window. I also find that it's helpful, from a psychological standpoint, to see progress. It helps to give a burst of energy and insight into what a difference neatening up your landscaping can make.

Next, The Flower Beds

Photo of flower bed on the side of a driveway that has been somewhat overtaken by weeds - the before of a curb appeal makeover

This "bed" is along the driveway and had been overtaken by lilies of the valley, hostas, and snow on the mountain ground cover. I have updated this area since the original posting of this curb appeal makeover and have annihilated the lilies of the valley.

Before photo of messy overgrown landscaping with overgrown hostas, lily of the valley, and snow on the mountain - the after of this DIY Curb Appeal on a Budget makeover shows that with a little effort and money, plus some time, you can totally redo your space

I had no idea when I planted them years ago that they would become such a garden nuisance. They smelled amazing when in bloom but were choking out everything else in this area so I would highly recommend that if you do plant some you keep that in mind.

Curb appeal makeover - area along the driveway after weeding and edging the flower bed

This is the same area as above (just a view from the other end) after pruning, edging, mulching, and adding some new in-ground lights. The lights were updated with sturdier lights, no more plastic, and you can see the post with the new lights plus tips for how to install garden lights so they're straight easily here.

Flower bed after wedding, edging, and mulching with some simple yard decor including a small wooden church as part of a curb appeal makeover on a budget

A Simple Stone Garden Path

Small garden path under arbor being reset into place using sand as part of a DIY curb appeal makeover

I have a small stone garden path beneath an old cedar arbor that needs to be "reset" every few years. It was definitely past due at this point.

Arbor Path Before

Flexrake CLA329 Classic Dandelion Weeder


I removed all of the stones using a dandelion weed puller but you could also use your hands or a crowbar for this task. I find that the leverage of a tool helps to make this easier and also helps to get a grip on the stones. I've tried it with just my hands and it is ridiculously tedious and using a tool helps to speed things along. 

Stone garden pathway after putting down fresh sand and mulch - DIY curb appeal makeover

Once the stones were removed, I weeded the area, laid down some fresh sand that I purchased at a local hardware store to even out the pathway, arranged the stones back in place, and added mulch.

Flower bed in front of house before being weeded and laying down fresh mulch and edging with stone - DIY curb appeal makeover

The front flower bed was the last area I attacked. It looked so dry and parched and downright plain that it annoyed me every time I looked at it. 

Front yard flower bed after photo with fresh mulch, edged, stones being used for edging, new in-ground lighting and more - DIY curb appeal makeover

I weeded this area, placed the in-ground lighting, added mulch, edged it with stones I've found on walks over the years, and moved around some garden decor from other areas of the yard to give the space a homey, warm, and cohesive feel.The Secret to Creating a Cozy and Charming Outdoor Space ~ flowerbed mix of annuals and perennials - DIY Curb Appeal Makeover

Lastly, I added large plastic whiskey barrels and filled those with annuals as well as some hanging baskets for bold pops of color so that there is something to look at all summer long.

The Secret to Creating a Cozy and Charming Outdoor Space ~ outdoor lighting cupcakesandcrinoline.com

This outdoor space has evolved once again and will be doing another outdoor space/curb appeal makeover as soon as the warmer weather becomes a reality in my area! 

Add carb appeal to your home with these great front yard design ideas

I curated this board for Hometalk and you can see all the details plus more pictures for my favorite Front Yard Designs over there and you can also check out my gardening tips and yard do-overs in The How To Home Gardening Section

What's your favorite way to add some curb appeal to your home?  


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