Sparkling Water with Frozen Berries

I am a soda girl...I love it.  Always have.  When I was little we had soda at home but it was just for the adults {i.e. mostly for Mom ~ it was a perk for giving birth!}.  The only time I really had a chance to have any was at my Grandma's house...her house was the epitome of kid fabulousness....a wooden candy box on the wall by the door to the basement {always full}, fresh baked goods from several local Pittsburgh bakeries {Grandpa did the rounds for pick ups}, fresh amazing delicious food....loads of food, and SODA! Every flavor you could imagine....grape, cherry, orange, cola, root beer.....bottle after bottle after bottle of soda...and it was there for the taking.  No need to 'ask' just have some soda.  Needless to say I always had a full bottle in my hand when at Grandma's.  Fast forward to adulthood and I am still hopelessly gaga over soda but I don't buy it that often.  I do, however, find myself at 3 a.m. needing FIZZ and wanting to drive to a local gas station for a big ole giant barrel of soda ~ I don't go but I do whine {albeit to myself in the dark} that I NEED FIZZ.  

Why I Love My SodaStream

A bit ago I saw the ads for SodaStream and then I started to see SodaStream machines in just about every store I entered....and I wanted one.  I would look at that machine and long for it but I just couldn't justify spending the money for something that I wasn't sure would work and even if it did fizz up water...would it be good?

Sparkling water with berries made with SodaStream at Cupcakes and Crinoline

So here I am now with a SodaStream of my own and I am more than happy to tell you all about it!

Does SodaStream Work?

The answer to this is pretty simple ~ YES!!!!  It works and it works well.  

Is the SodaStream Machine Easy to Use?

SodaStream Caronator inserted in the Source

At first I was a little nervous to use it.  There is a carbonator {canister} that you need to add to the back of the machine and I was hesitant to even attempt to attach it but once I took a few deep breaths it was super easy and there was nothing to tools needed...just my hands.  

Re-Use and Save Money with SodaStream Cupcakes and CrinolineOnce you have the canister inserted you're ready to make the soda.  The machine I received,  the Source, does not plug in so I didn't even need to make sure it was near an electrical socket.  Next, I added water to the marked water line on the provided bottle that came in the box.  I then inserted the bottle into the front of the machine and pushed down.  

SodaStream Source with 3 Levels of Carbonation  Cupcakes and CrinolineYou can choose three levels of FIZZ ~ one, two or three.  My family and I prefer the level two FIZZ ~ just enough to make me happy!  You can stop right there with sparking water or you can also add some flavor to your water or add Sodamix.

Is SodaStream as Good as Regular SODA?

SodaStream Soda Mixes and Flavors Collage

It's BETTER! We had the opportunity to try many of the flavors and were not disappointed with even one of them.  My favorites are Diet Lemon Lime, Diet Ginger Ale and Diet Energy Drink (compare to Sugar Free Red Bull®).  My husband's favorites are Cola, Dr. Pete (compare to Dr. Pepper®), and Ginger Ale.  My kids have liked everything they've tried.  

Cranberry Spritzer Ocean Sopray SodaStream  Cupcakes and Crinoline

We even had some SodaStream with our breakfast a few weeks ago ~ we added Ocean Spray Cranberry Mix to the prepared sparkling water along with some frozen berries ~ it was absolutely delicious!

SodaStream contains no High-Fructose Corn Syrup

SodaStream Diet Sodamix contains no aspartameThey have over 60 Flavors Available.  SodaStream Sodamixes DO NOT CONTAIN High-Fructose Corn Syrup or Aspartame ~ which is a real plus in my book! 

My thoughts about the SodaStream Source

Here are some SodaStream Links for you to check out for yourself: Link to flavors available

SodaStream USA, SodaStream on FBSodaStream on Twitter and Instagram

If you have any questions about the SodaStream that I can answer, I will be more than happy to! I am sincerely pleased with it and have told everyone (trust me, everyone) I have come into contact with in the last few weeks all about it.

Does SodaStream taste good  Cupcakes and Crinoline

P.S. Below is some info and a graphic directly from the SodaStream Site that sums things up perfectly in my opinion.  

How does SodaStream nutrition stack up against national brands?

With a SodaStream home soda maker and over 60 delicious regular, diet and caffeine-free sodamix flavors to choose from, you'll enjoy freshly made, great tasting soda that fits your health and diet. Regular flavors contain no high-fructose corn syrup, and diet flavors are sweetened with Splenda® brand sweetener, not aspartame.

  Calories Carbs Sugar Sodium Caffeine

Pepsi® 100 27g 27g 25mg 25mg
Coca-Cola® 100 27g 27g 35mg 23mg
SodaStream Cola 35 8g 8g 10mg 23mg
7-UP® 100 26g 26g 50mg 0mg
Sprite® 100 26g 26g 45mg 0mg
SodaStream Lemon Lime 35 9g 9g 25mg 0mg

All SodaStream regular sodamix uses a mixture of Splenda® and sugar. Diet flavors are sugar-free,  sweetened with Splenda® brand sweetener. Comparison is based on 8 fl. oz. serving size (0.34 fl. oz. of SodaStream sodamix per 8 fl. oz. of water).

Disclosure:  I received the SodaStream Machine and several Sodamixes for review.  No additional compensation was provided nor did I promise positive feedback.  All opinions are my own and I really did love everything about this product...everything! 

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  1. I have two concerns about this, 1. Carbonation makes your bones PREVENT calcium absorption, even in little amounts, 2. The danger of ingesting all of this artificial stuff, is like drinking household cleaner, especially Splenda, not to mention the articial colours and preservatives....

    1. Mary Beth says:

      Thank you for sharing your concerns, Cristan. I have looked up the possible side effects of carbonation and studies seem to be somewhat contradictory but I felt the most comfortable with the one from the Mayo Clinic stating that carbonation did not have any ill effect on calcium absorption or overall bone health. I do appreciate you stopping by ~ I truly do! I learn something new all the time from my readers and am grateful for that.

      Have a wonderful and blessed week.
      Mary Beth

  2. Lisa at Texas Decor says:

    My mouth is literally watering looking at your pics! I had no idea SodaStream did not have high fructose corn syrup or aspartame...that's very good to know! I also didn't know how many flavors they had. Maybe I should check them out. I know for sure my boys would love it. I also like that there are three levels of fizz. You really explained everything well and now I'm craving some "fizz" myself. 🙂 Thanks for this review!

  3. Julia Stansel says:

    I have not gotten one of these because I thought all of it came with aspartame! OMG! You are such an eye opener!