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How to Remove Blood Stains from Fabric

That just sounds awful, doesn’t it?  But, it’s something that most of us will encounter at one time or another, unfortunately.  

If the sight of blood or the thought of it makes you squeamish you may want to avoid these pictures but if you hang around this is the info you need to know to remove blood stains from washable fabric.

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One of my family members will occasionally get nosebleeds in his sleep and when he does, he sleeps right through them and the next morning, well, the mess can be just terrible.  {He’s been checked and it’s nothing to worry about.}  

How to Remove Blood Stains from Fabric with Cupcakes and Crinoline
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The other night he had fresh sheets on his bed and a BRAND NEW pillow….yep, brand new….and he got one of his nosebleeds.  The next morning as I was cleaning everything up it occurred to me that I wanted to try something a bit different.  

I usually just wash the sheets, blankets, etc., and don’t use stain remover on them because they’re bedding and no one really sees them but this time I wanted to see if I could get the stain totally out of the sheets and the new pillow and this method worked.

How to Remove Blood Stains from Pillows

The pictures that are a little darker ~ the ‘during’ pictures ~ were taken in my laundry room and there’s no natural lighting in there ~ sorry about that.

I altered my basic DIY Stain Remover and Detergent Booster recipe just a bit and it worked like a charm!

How to Remove Blood Stains from Fabric

I made my stain remover and sprayed it on to the stains.  

I let it see for 5 minutes {you can see it foaming away the blood}. I rinsed off the pillow after 5 minutes and re-sprayed the stained area and then rinsed again after waiting another 5 minutes before placing into the washing machine.

Only one more step!

This Simple Stain Remover Even Gets Rid of Blood Stains

The sheets only needed one treatment ~ rinsing and washing as usual.

*Please note that the fabric must be machine washable.  Test on a small area of fabric first to make sure there will not be an adverse effect from the solution.

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And in this post you can find out how I washed the pillow to maintain its ‘fluff‘.  😉

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