5 Easy Ways to Organize Your Jewelry, Hair Care Products and More

It was by chance that I came up with these ideas to Organize my Jewelry and Beauty Products.  I have a French Tiered Wire Basket that I have used in my dining room and kitchen for several years but about 3 years ago I was switching around the centerpiece on my dining room table and rather than putting my wired basket downstairs to just sit I decided to put it in my bedroom. 

Jewelry Organizer Basket

I had a jewelry box that I kept my costume jewelry in and it was a mess and I just didn't like the way it looked anymore and then it hit me ~ take everything from that jewelry box plus my perfume and hair styling items and tidy them up by putting them in and ON the basket. 

I had some hooks from Ikea that I also thought would work great for not only holding my long necklaces but it would also keep them sorted and free from tangles.  I used the hooks for bracelets as well.  I had a removable metal basket in the top tier of my now organizer that I put smaller bottles of hair products in.  I placed larger hairspray containers, perfume bottles, a candle and lavender linen spray in the bottom tier.  Because of the wire nature of the basket I placed earrings along the top.  I also placed a broach through the opening in the metal to keep it in place and remind me that I even have it {If I don't see it I'll forget about it}.

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Step 1: Gather What You Want to Organize

Here are some of the items I'll be adding to my organizer.

Step 2: Organize Necklaces and Place on Hooks

Necklaces sorted to be displayed

I sorted my necklaces by category ~ silver with silver, gold with gold, etc., and placed them on my hooks from Ikea.  You could spray paint your hooks first if you'd like a more uniform or glamorous look for your organizer.

 I sorted my bracelets in a similar fashion as my necklaces and then placed them on the hooks. 

  • If you want to organize some other jewelry like rings - including bridal and men's wedding bands as shown here, you should do that with a stylish and functional jewelry organizer so the bands don't fall off the hook. A jewelry organizer not only keeps your precious pieces tangle-free but also makes your dressing area look organized.
Top tier of a metal French basket used as a jewelry organizer.

Consider using compartmentalized trays, velvet-lined drawers, or wall-mounted displays for a personalized touch. Sorting and categorizing rings based on occasions allows for quick and easy access to your favorite pieces.

Step 3: Place Hair Care Products and Perfumes in the Removable Basket and the Bottom Tier and Place Hooks for Necklaces on the Top Tier of the Basket

Top of a tiered basket used to organize jewelry

Step 4: Hang Earrings Through the Openings in the Wire in Pairs

Pair of silver cross earrings being organized and displayed in the wires of a French tiered basket

Step 5: Attach Broaches and Pins Anywhere You Would Like

Two-tiered French basket used as a jewelry organizer

...and hang bracelets from the bottom tier.

bracelets hanging from the bottom tier of a decorative French metal tiered basket

After taking these pictures I realized that I could also add rings to one of the Ikea hooks and even smaller scarves could be organized using this method.

Two-tiered French metal basket being used as a jewelry organizer

P.S. The lighting in my bedroom is horrible and it needs dusted so I took these pictures in my dining room in case you were wondering why I have china in my bedroom.

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  1. Denyse @ Glitter, Glue & Paint says:

    Cute idea, Mary Beth! I love those IKEA hooks, I've used them for several organizing projects.

    1. Mary Beth says:

      Thanks, Denyse. I love ANYTHING Ikea ~ it is my weakness. 😉

  2. All brilliant ideas Mary Beth, I'm pinning for later 🙂

    1. Mary Beth says:

      Thank you, Dawn ~ I appreciate that. 🙂

  3. Diane | An Extraordinary Day says:

    You are so creative Mary Beth!! I love your French tired wire rack!!
    Hope you're staying warm. [hugs]

    1. Mary Beth says:

      Thanks so much, Diane!