Clean Your Oven Without Chemicals

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A few weeks ago I was making dinner, a cottage pie, and I got a little aggressive with the ingredients….in other words I overfilled the casserole.  I tend to do that often and when I do the smoke alarm goes off, the alarm company calls and asks if I need the fire department to be dispatched….it’s a little embarrassing to say the least.  Not only is it embarrassing but it’s messy.  

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The next day I knew I had to clean my oven before I could use it again and I was not looking forward to that.  I didn’t want to use chemicals to clean it out so I decided to try my go to for just about everything, vinegar.  

Clean Your Oven Without 5I poured some vinegar in a spray bottle and started to spray away.

Clean Your Oven Without Chemicals Start Scraping

I waited a few minutes and starting scraping the gunk off the bottom of the oven.  

Clean Your Oven Without Chemicals gunk away

Most of the gunk came off with just the vinegar but I still had some stains.  My oven is over 30 years old so I knew I couldn’t get all the stains off the bottom but I did want it a little cleaner so I sprayed on some more vinegar and than dusted baking soda over it all. 

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I let that work a few minutes and then I began to scrub the surface and almost everything came off.  

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Now I could use my oven again without worrying about a fire truck showing up at my house.

The Easy Way to Clean Oven Spillovers from

Do you ever have spillovers in your oven?  If you do, what do you use to clean them up?

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