4 Tips for House Remodeling

Your home should be a haven that fills you with joy and one that you can proudly claim as your own. Consider remodeling your house based on the aesthetics you prefer and incorporating updated appliances. However, you might get confused at some point since there are many things you can do during a renovation. To help you with that, we have listed a few changes that can create a massive impact. Just make sure you check with your house insurance providers before making any significant changes:

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1. Paint

Beautiful living rom with large windows and a beautify city view.

Paint is a powerful tool that has the ability to transform the look of an old and dull house. Experiment with various paint color combinations and palettes to turn your desired style into a reality. For a trendy and bold look, use contrasting colors to make the room stand out. However, you don't necessarily have to go down the bold route to achieve that effect. A minimalist approach can be eye-catching if executed properly. Use a neutral color palette and clean lines, but add depth with the help of textures and shapes. We suggest using such tones for your bedrooms and bathrooms, as they have a calming effect on your mood. Add accent walls with darker colors and wall decorations to give the rooms more dimension.

2. Open Shelving

Open shelves - white floating shelves on a white brick wall.

Adding an extra visual layer with open shelves and adorning it with decoration pieces, books and antiques will eliminate the flat look of your room. This allows you to change the room whenever you choose. For example, one month, you can use the shelves to display your colorful ornaments to add a pop of color, and the following month you can aim for a monochromatic display for a modern touch.

3. Uplift the Exterior

Beautifully manicured lawn and shrubbery in front of a gorgeous shaker style home.

Good outdoor lighting, with lush green, manicured grass, seasonal flowers, and potted plants, will have a massive impact on the overall look of your house. They will also improve your house’s curb appeal and increase its value if you want to sell it in the future. Use your backyard as a space to get together and have fun. Install a patio, invest in good outdoor furniture and add a focal point like a pool with a cabana. This will elevate the aesthetic appeal of your house and turn it into an excellent location for parties and barbeques.

4. Kitchen and Storage

Beautiful kitchen remodel with white and grey cabinets. Large, open floor plan.

You don't need to break walls or the bank to increase storage space in the kitchen. It would be best if you aimed to make your kitchen look larger. Start by evaluating your floor plan to see how you can change the layout. Use this to know where you can install additional cabinets. Open shelving in the kitchen might seem appealing, but they are not a practical choice. They can make it look cluttered and offer less storage space than a cabinet. You can also add a kitchen island, as it's multifunctional and gives the room a high-end feel with the right countertop, like marble or granite.

In Conclusion

These additions might seem simple, but they’ll leave your guests in awe. You can either employ the help of a contractor or DIY your way through the process. Either way, it is essential to keep in mind that your house should be not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional. Try to utilize the space to its full potential.

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