Cranberry and Raspberry Sparkling Holiday Drinks

Today I'm partnering with Dasani and Acorn Influence to share Dasani Sparkling Waters for the holidays. I appreciate your support. 

Every year my family and I do it up on Christmas morning.  We open gifts first and then we enjoy a nice brunch.  I usually make something the day before that I can bake in the morning or toss into the crock pot the night before so that it's ready in the morning.  I also like to serve some fancy holiday drinks with breakfast and throughout the day.  They don't need to be anything difficult, just something sparkly and tasty!

Easy Sparkling Holiday DrinksHoliday Drinks Beverage and Punch Bar at


Cranberry Juice

Dasani Sparkling Water in Berry

Candy Canes or Candy Cane Sticks

Fresh Raspberries

Fresh Cranberries

Raw Sugar (optional)

To create the beverage bar I pulled out my favorite platter, mismatched glasses, some cut glass and an antique store find sugar bowl and spoons.  It doesn't have to all match to give it a special look and feel.

Next, I rinsed my raspberries and cranberries, drained and placed these into the cut glass bowls.  I also used wooden skewers and loaded them up with cranberries.  The kids like to stir their drinks with these so it's a nice fun touch.  I placed the cranberry juice in a glass decanter - again, just to make it look special! Cranberry and Raspberry Holiday Drinks Beverage BarThe next step is letting everyone pick their favorite berries and putting them in the bottom of the glass.  Fresh Raspberry and Raw Sugar Holiday Drinks

Sprinkle with sugar if a little more sweetness is desired.  Delicious and easy to make holiday drinks Gently pour in the cranberry juice and then top with the Dasani Sparkling Water - aren't those bubbles pretty?Holiday drinks made easy! A row of cranberries atop a wine glass filled with a cranberry sparkler.

I recommend a roughly 2 parts fruit juice to 1 part Dasani Sparkling Water ratio for the best flavor but you can alter this to your tastes.Sparkling Holiday Drinks Bar from

The beauty of this drink is that you can change it up for any occasion with different flavors and combinations easily.  Sparkling Water Holiday Drinks Bar from #SparklingHolidaysI chose the Dasani Sparkling Water in Berry for this drink but there are other flavors available (Lime, Black Cherry and Lemon).  It's the perfect mixer and has ZERO calories, no added colors, is caffeine-free and naturally flavored.  I found a 12-pack at Walmart and that's when the wheels started turning and I knew the drink I'd be making for this Christmas.

For more creative Sparkling Holiday Drink Inspiration check out this beautiful Pinterest board - There's a Sparkling Dark Cherry Cream Slush and a Chocolate Cupcake Milkshake on there that I think I need to make soon!

I hope your holidays are filled with joy, blessings and sparkles!

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My Favorite Christmas Morning Breakfast:

Cinnamon Roll French Toast Casserole

Cinnamon roll french toast casserole.


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