New HTVRONT Hat Heat Press review

If crafting is something you enjoy and and you love letting your creative spirit soar, then I recommend that you add the HTVRONT Hat Heat Press to your craft room.

Front close up view of an HTVRONT Hat Heat Press Machine out of the box
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I received this wonderful machine for review and couldn't wait to start creating with it. It has a host of features that are all very user-friendly and it takes up just a small amount of space making it craft room friendly, too....which is a plus especially if you have limited space.

Psalm 144:1 in red iron on vinyl adhered to a black baseball cap using the HTVRONT Hat Heat Press machine

One of the main reasons I wanted it was because of the ability to customize hats for my family and for me. My oldest son is an amateur boxer and I like to make matching shirts for the family and his friends to wear when he was a match and now, I can make matching hats, too.

I haven't designed a hat yet for his upcoming Golden Gloves tournament but I did get a chance to make him one to wear while training and coaching. He picked the Bible verse and within minutes, seriously, less than 15 minutes, I designed the iron-on in Cricut Design Space, cut out the vinyl with my Cricut Maker and used the HTVRONT Hat Heat Press to merge the fabric of the hat to the iron-on. He was out the door with his new hat in no time.

The Nitty Gritty and Ease of Use

Overhead view of the HTVRONT Hat Heat Press Machine with the temperature display showing

The HTVRONT Hat Heat Press includes a bright LCD screen that clearly shows the settings for time and temperature.

View of the safety pad at the bottom of the HTVRONT Hat Heat Press Machine

The safety base ensures that the press has a safety barrier between it and any surface your are working on such as your dining room table (me!) or a craft table.

Overhead view of all components of the HTVRONT Hat Heat Press

The heat mat for the Hat Press is hat-shaped (genius) and easily attaches to the base for stability when creating/pressing hats.


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Key Takeaways

  • The new HTVRONT Hat Heat Press has a sleek and functional design.
  • The heat presses user-friendly interface has a brightly lit LCD screen that allows for precise control over time and temperature.
  • The hat heat press has a myriad of safety features, including an insulated base and auto shut-off function.

Heat Press Temperature and Time Controls

  • Power Up: Simply tap the power button to start the machine.
  • Temperature Adjustments: Tap the sun icon and use the + and - buttons to set your perfect temperature.
  • Time Your Press: Press down once, then toggle up or down in 5-second increments to set the proper temperature.
  • Safety Features: 15-minute auto shut-off.
Overhead view of baseball cap with iron-in in place and snugly placed on the heat pad of the HTVRONT Hat Heat Press

Once you've designed your iron on and cut it out, add it to the front of the hat and secure it in place with heat tape.

Front of Baseball cap with IRON On Bible Verse held in place with heat tape ready to be ironed in place using the HTVRONT Hat Heat Press

Place your hat snugly on the heat pad with the visor of the hat facing up toward the ceiling.

Baseball cap upside down with cardboard in place to keep the hat in shape

Remember to give your hat a snug fit on the press and also remember to remove any cardboard used to help the hat keep it's shape!

Chased by Blessings Baseball Cap

Once the hat is on the hat-shaped mat and the proper time and temperature has been set, simply press down firmly and hold the Hat Heat Press in place until the timer sounds off.

When you're all done and the Hat Heat Press has cooled down simple put everything back together and place it in the provided carrying bag and then put away!

Final Thoughts

The HTVRONT Hat Heat Press is a wonderful and budget-friendly addition to a craft-lovers tool repertoire.

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