How To Add a Light-Up Christmas Tree to Almost Any Wall

In my house I have a dilemma.  I love to entertain but my house is super small....teeny even.  At this time of the year when guests are over the last thing I want to do is be passing a plate of appetizers over or under the Christmas Tree.  What to do?  Well, my solution for this was to add a Light-Up Christmas Tree to my wall and this one even lights up and the best part is.....NO NAIL HOLES in the Wall...NONE...NADA.     How you may ask?  I used Design it:® LED Light Strands and I was able to put them on my wall using washi tape.  That's it!     

Thee tree looks so pretty all lit up at night! 

I started with 2 strings of the Design it:® LED Light Strands and a blank chalkboard wall.

The strands bend and shape easily.

I laid out the light strands and formed them into shape of a Christmas tree on the bottom of a box holding the strand in place with regular tape.

I transferred the light strands to my wall holding in place with Washi tape.

Next, I added chalk ornaments and garland to me tree and tucked the battery packs into a small burlap sack that also is attached to my wall with Washi Tape.  

I added a frame around the tree and the lyrics from one of my favorite Christmas songs.  That's it...a Light Up Christmas Tree that takes up almost NO SPACE AT ALL!  

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  1. What a cool product!! I love the holiday design you made with these lights! Hiding the battery packs in the adorable burlap sack is so clever!

  2. Shannah @ Just Us Four says:

    This is such a cute idea. I love the little burlap sack to hide the batteries!

  3. Maryann @ Domestically Speaking says:

    Mary Beth that is awesome! What a creative idea and on a chalkboard wall even cuter!